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I have a new journal... but... it's only for people who give a damn... so if you give a damn... comment and i may add you... if you don't give a damn... keep living your life like i have disappeared!
:oO   Billy.


I'm deleting this journal on Wednesday. :o)
Goodbyes never really mean goodbye.

But goodbye on Wednesday.
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Why the 29th?

Because that's the day my paid account runs out and it just makes sense. Gives me time to say my goodbyes and everything.

My day got better when Jake brought me some gorgeous flowers :o) but got worse when I got my hair did... I was there from 3:45 until 7:00........... and it turned out HORRIBLE. Nothing like what I wanted... so I think I may go back and make them fix it. It's seriously not me and stupid.

Now... I'm going to go. I'm staying with my sister tonight. I have the dress fitting tomorrow... er today for the wedding. Boo

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As of August 29,2005 this journal will be deleted and never to be heard of again. I will no longer have a livejournal after August 29, 2005 and will never have a livejournal ever again.

I will not miss livejournal but I will miss all...... ok most of you!

I don't feel special today and I hate it. :o\
Boo Hoo. I don't like where I am in my life. I will be 20 on December 4th and I have done nothing! Whatever. I have to work. I've been sitting here crying for long enough. I hope I don't die of a heartattack or something... if I do......... bye! POOR PITIFUL ME!
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i'm having a HORRIBLE day
this day really could get worse but it doesn't seem like it. i hope it does so this irritating pain in my chest will go away or kill me.

I'm having a bad day. SORRY. :o\ I don't know what's going on. I DON'T KNOW. I'm confused.

I hate crying at work. i hate it!

i hope i never sleep again. i'm scared of what may happen

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Here's the colors I am getting.

There's more black in it than it shows, the under part is almost completly black :o) Wee. I just hope my Boss and Office Manager are ok with it ..... I showed the picture to Sandy [Office Manager] and she didn't say anything bad about it so I guess it's ok. I miss being able to have purple hair. If I could, I would get all of the red parts in that blue :oD it would look lovely but not for that stupid wedding. WHATEVER!!!

I like these colors too...

but I like the first one a whole lot more!

These are the styles of cut that I MIGHT go for... I can't decide on which one though...

Blah. I can't decide.
I slept really well. I didn't ear dinner because I went to bed a little early. That's part of why I slept so good but I also had a pretty neat but weird dream. Blah. Now I must work :o( I don't want to do anything!!!!!! I want to go home and go back to bed. I don't feel well now that I am awake. I have a fever but I don't think I'm sick... I just keep getting so dizzy and forgetting what I'm doing. Oh well... whatever.

This is from yesterday but this is how I feel today!

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... and sometimes I wonder what it's all for...

how many days can we go on this way
why is my head spinning
this is the life we chose to live
why must we suffer for what we've chosen
is this something you dreamt of.......

how many times can you stab me in the side
is there a reason for your lies
if i were there
if we could swear
the world would see that we're here for nothing

sometimes i think you're what i am looking for
if we were together would you see my scars
something about you pulls my heart out

over there
we have no tomorrow
under here
there is so much sorrow
why can't we see how cheap we can be
and how fake we are

if i shall die
will you swallow me
remeber me as i rot in this earth
forget me when i am under the dirt
love the freedom you feel without me
to hold you down.......
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i've got to get my hair done before the wedding so i made me a hair appointment for friday after work..... WHAT DO I DO!? i want something with black and really light blonde/white... but i don't want it cut shorter than it is... maybe shaped but not shorter........ i dunno. anyone have any ideas!?

Blahhhhh hahhaa!

I had over $500 yesterday but now I have $229 :o) I bought clothes and REALLY CUTE shoes!

My cat hates them. They were only $40 something :o)
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