Elizabeth Jo

::Suburban Dreaming::

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Last night I felt my life burn my eyes. Falling asleep on fire, i remembered you. &Im trying., Im trying. I'll wait here &wish for a gorgeous disaster to happen because nothing fucking matters anymore &I cant wish anymore. For angels with perfect skin with halos that I always bend. Please don't watch me fall. And it's only a matter of time And it's only life. My dreams are bleeding into lies. With no surprises, Bloodshot eyes Matching all your sizes. And I can't wish anymore.

To put it simply - I'm a really fucking comlicated person. I have a love/hate realtionship for every situation/thing in my life. I feel inadequate. I always lose what matters to me. Theres always a million things running through my head. But if you know me I'm always armed with a big smile and love to socialize when in a forced situation. What can I say? I'm trying.

[ I d r e a m a world where you understand.]