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corazon abierto

sass o'saurus
24 April 1986
some slip of a girly-boy from communist east berlin.

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I am

ambiguous, bent, bookworm, bottom, boy mermaid, brother, complex, cute, FTM, fagette, female-assigned, feminist, femme boy, flamboiant, fluid, full of love, gay, gender euphoric, gender gifted, gender outlaw, genderqueer, gentleman, glittery, homo, human, in transition, other-gendered, out, pansexual, pansy, pixie, prettyboy, queer, quirky, radical, sassy, sex positive, sir, sissy, snuggly, submissive, survivor, switch, trannyboy, trannyfag, transgender warrior, transgenderqueer, transmasculine, treehugger, XX

Who are you?

i am a work in progress.
hopefully, you are too.

F R I E N D S O N L Y .
1960s, activism, amanda palmer, amelie poulain, androgyny, anti-oppression, anti-war, antiracism, armpit hair, art, audre lorde, avocados, bare feet, battling the pink robots, bdsm, beat poetry, biking, binding, birls, bitch magazine, black & white photography, bleeding on republicans, bois, books, boston, boxer briefs, burritos, cats, chai, classic rock, coffeeshops, college radio, community, community organizing, consent, couchsurfing, creativity, critical race theory, cultural studies, dance parties, dark chocolate, dave eggers, david bowie, david sedaris, deconstructing binaries, discovery, diy, don't eat a reader, drag kings, drag queens, driving alone at night, el salvador, faggotry, falafel, fall, feminism, femme, francesca lia block, ftm, gender studies, gendercrash, genderfucking, genderqueer, glasses, glitter, graphic novels, handwritten letters, harriet the spy, healing, hedwig, hip-hop, hiv/aids, honesty, hooliganism, hugs, human rights, italy, jamaica plain, jenny lewis, jews, learning, liberation, libraries, magnetic poetry, making out, margaret cho, memoirs, orgasms, paperjournals, people-watching, photography, pippi longstocking, playgrounds, potlucks, pro-choice, progressive, public health, queer masculinity, queer theory, queers, race traitor, radical, radical cheerleading, reading, reggae, regina spektor, revolution, rex manning day, rilo kiley, riot grrrl, rocky horror picture show, san francisco, scrabble, sex, sexuality, short hair, slam poetry, snail mail, social change, social justice, sociology, solidarity, south africa, sparkly boys, spirituality, spoken word, spooning, spring, stand-up comedy, staying up too late, sunsets, thai food, the ocean, the way fall smells, theme parties, thrift stores, transfeminism, transgender, transmasculine, traveling, trees, unicorns, unlearning, v-day, vaginas, writing, yoga, zadie smith, zines,