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There's no end, There's no glory [entries|friends|calendar]

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[13 Apr 2009|03:12am]

aye ma, that's me!

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[14 Jul 2008|09:57pm]

HOT DOGZ.Collapse )

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[12 Jul 2008|06:35am]

kids don't know shitCollapse )

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[04 May 2008|05:45am]

i've decided that winter in this city is pure evil. i am so happy it's over. i had never felt so negatively affected by the weather before. now i'm not a fan of morning time at all, but these spring mornings really do get me. that's what i looked at when i smoked a cigarette out my window about half an hour ago. sometimes i'm still in awe that i actually live here.

last night was looptopia. what is looptopia you ask? i still can't even really say, and i'm sure most of the city has no idea either. it went from 5PM-7AM all throughout downtown. it was basically hoards of drunken people wandering around the city screaming, yelling, dancing, fighting, chanting, etc. through all hours of the night. i was in an area somewhere on michigan avenue and it was just ridiculous. people were crowd surfing and chanting and the cops starting driving everyone away, but nobody knew where they were going. right after that every single cop standing in the area (at least 20) booked it and started running down the street, so the massive crowds of people we were in started running frantically down the street. at this point i was well past being sober by any means. it was like pandemonium on the streets. we had no idea what was going on, i still don't really know. when things died down we walked around asking people where they were going for at least an hour; not one person actually knew.

it was fun as hell though. the city honestly feels so much different when it's warmer and nice outside. i hate that i have to leave in 2 weeks.

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[04 Mar 2008|07:37am]


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[21 Jan 2008|06:07am]

you could see the northern lights tonight. it was beautiful.

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[15 Nov 2007|07:14pm]
more photos from october:

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[14 Nov 2007|03:29am]
a snippet of some photos from the past few months:

0000Collapse )

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[07 Nov 2007|03:44am]

halloweenCollapse )

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[23 Apr 2007|12:54am]

4/22/07Collapse )

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