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Another boring day. *Sigh* And just a little frustrating.

Algebra Lab... Talk talk talk.

Spanish! We had that fiesta thing. That was hella fun. Me, Erika, and Paris were killing each other with our enchilada breath. :D

Lunch... Talk talk again.

Algebra was cool. I got a 97 on my test! :] And finally, Johnny took back his damn shirt. He didn't even thank me for getting that stain out! :[

Gym was funny. Jazzmyn wanted me and Jordan to hug. :[ Then he got my lip gloss thing on his crotch! ;_; And where was that black guy? I wanted to learn more hand things and dances. :[ Black pride, right Johnny? *Cough* You'll make me proud one day. :P

After school, everyone left a lot earlier, making me bored. Then um, yeah. Frustration, but I dealt with it a lot better than I used to. Wow, I've matured. Yuh, whuteva.

So I'm gunna stay over at Erika's tomorrow, and for the weekend until Saturday. I don't want to stay the whole weekend, 'cause I actually like to spend some time at my own house. xD

I just went over to El Homo Depoto, and over to my bro's apartment. Not very fun, but me and my mom made each other crack up like always. Ha, she's like a friend to me. Love ya, momma!

YEAR BOOK!!! I can't wait for tomorrow, I WANT ONE SO BAD. I saw my picture. Wow, it has to be the best I've taken so far. I'm impressed! :D Lol, the word "HALLOWEEN" showed in the pic. I would have dressed nicer, but they didn't even give us any notice. Damn it. I still looked hella hot though, didn't I? ;D As you can see, I have PLENTY of self esteem. What's the problem with loving the way I look? At least I'm not conceited and in your face about it. ;P

I have a shit load of money on me right now... 65 for the yearbook, and 26 for tomorrow and the weekend.

OH! THE PARTY! Yeah, Erika's having a birthday party on the 21st, which is Saturday, I think! Yes, a pool party! No pokemon allowed, sorry Johnny! I'd invite ya, but you don't know Erika. Too bad. :P So... I need help! I wish I could go to the mall before go to the party. I reeeally want Lucky swim trunks. Like... Ones with blue clovers and such. OH well!

<3 Bobbeh
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