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therolldance_'s Journal

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[ info ]

therolldance_ is my friends only icon journal. My personal journal is themcquiadbros. I usually only make textless icons; once in awhile I'll add text or something. I'm still learning things, so give me time. I'd appreciate a tutor though =)

WARNING: I usually make icons of Johnny Depp, 21 Jump Street, or just other favorite actors/movies of mine. I do make icons of other things though too. You may check the memories or the upcoming list to see what else I've done and will later in the future be doing. I'm open to suggestions; please post/comment them here.

Resources and awards are found in the memories section.

Here's samples of some things I do...until I learn more that is:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Previous Versions/Layouts:
V.1 :: Sam [Benny & Joon] ; The Roll Dance
V.2 :: Johnny Depp ; Oprah
V.3 :: Johnny Depp ; Interview
V.4 :: Johnny Depp ; Sitting-Photoshoot
V.5 :: Christian Bale ; Sitting in Car
V.6 :: Christian Bale ; "Spin"

[ rules ]

1. This is friends only so you'll have to be added first. You can add me first or comment the friends only entry. Either way, you have to add me back. If you don't add me back, you'll get a week to add me, if you don't, you're knocked off the list. I'll re-add you, but you MUST add me back the second time, if you don't, there's no adding back.
2. Credit is a must. If you do not credit, you'll be warned and will have a few days to credit me. If you don't you will be added to the shitlist.
3. Credit therolldance_ in comments or keywords. I prefer you didn't credit in your userinfo but if you must then fine. DO NOT credit me in a journal entry, if I see that I'm credited in an entry and only there then I will comment asking you to change it.
4. Comment the entry when you take an icon. Even if you're not taking any, comments are nice =)
5. DO NOT repost my icons as your own. If you feel the need to repost them yourself then ask me first and give me a link(s) to where you are posting them so I know I'm being credited for them. Also, do not direct link, I'm already hotlinking my own icons by posting them all for you. Get a photobucket account.
6. I'll take requests, but not here. Comment here. I can't promise that I'll make icons of that. By requests, I mean something I can do as a group [EX: more Johnny Depp icons; Orlando Bloom icons]
7. On the same lines as #5, do not claim my icons as your own.
8. DO NOT customize my icons unless told otherwise in the post. I make textless icons, that does not make them bases. If you want an icon to say something, ask me and I might do it for you, but DO NOT do it yourself.
9. Save them as PNG, DON'T SAVE THEM AS JPEG. JPEG messes them up and makes them look crappy. I'd highly suggest that you save them as either PNG or GIF.
10. When you credit, don't forget the underscore at the end.

[ upcoming ]
Even though some things are listed does not mean I'm definitely going to make icons of them, so request them and I can put it at the top of the list and then I will most likely make icons of it.

+Swing Kids
+21 Jump Street
+Sandra Bullock
+13 Going on 30
+Keira Knightley
+Natalie Portman
+Jennifer Lopez
+Kate Winslet
+Mary Kate and Ashley
+Mark Ruffalo
+Winona Ryder
+Orlando Bloom
+Colin Farrell
+Brad Pitt
+Kate Bosworth
+Will Ferrell
+Maggie Gyllenhaal
+Jake Gyllenhaal
+Kelly Clarkson
+Ashley Judd
+Vanessa Paradis
+Paul Bettany
+Kirsten Dunst
+Vince Vaughn
+The Rock
+Ben Stiller
+Adam Sandler
+Tom Cruise
+Will Smith
+Eva Mendes

+Denzel Washington

Comment here with requests/suggestions

[ link me ]

DO NOT HOTLINK. Link me back with your choice of a button. If you need help, let me know, I'll be glad to help.

[ affiliates ]

If you'd like to be an affiliate, comment the friends only entry found here

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
None yet. I will give you notice before adding you to the list. You can be removed from the list but I will make sure you're crediting me in the future.

Thanks to windowsill_ for giving me the idea to make this journal

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