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Shake the Disease

Eclipses of Rockstar Dysfunction
6 May 1982
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I'm just a fucked up girl looking for my own piece of mind.

Don't assign me yours.
1978 honda cb400a, 1984, 80s music, addiction, alan wilder, aldous huxley, alias, ambulances, american way of death, angelina jolie, anton corbijn, apollo vs. dionysus, astrology, astronomy, b-52s, bass guitar, beastie boys, beck, being weird, bi girls, bisexuality, bjork, black t-shirts, boys, brave new world, breaking all my rules, calculated silence, cemeteries, chicago, chuck palahniuk, coffee, collages, crows, dandy warhols, daria, dave gahan, david fincher, deftones, depeche mode, dr. mario, dr. strangelove, dresden dolls, elastica, elbow, emergency medicine, emts, epiphanies, eternal sunshine, everything in moderation, feminism, fight club, fooling everyone, fooling myself, foxfire, george orwell, girls, graveyards, gta vice city, harry nilsson, helen keller, helen keller alabama quarter, high art, high life, honesty, hope, insanity, j.d. salinger, jack daniels, josh homme, kicking your ass, kill hannah, know thyself, kurt cobain, luigi, macaulay culkin, making out, martin l. gore, masochism, mat devine, math, milwaukee, motorcycles, mountain dew, mr. and mrs. potatohead, my cat, my so-called life, myself, naked time, new order, nine inch nails, nintendo entertainment system, nintendo wii, nirvana, organic food, our lady peace, outpost natural foods co-op, pabst, peaches, peter gabriel, pez, philosophy, pizza, placebo, playing in the rain, poetry, queens of the stoneage, radiohead, rain, reality bites, records, robert smith, rockstar dysfunction, schfifty-five, se7en, simpsons, skinny dipping, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, socialists, sour patch kids, stanley kubrick, stealing from walmart, stone temple pilots, sunny days, sushi, tattoos, tea, team sleep, tears for fears, tennis, tetris, the brat pack, the cure, the matrix, the smiths, the truman show, thom yorke, thrift stores, tombstones, truth, tyler durden, value village, vast, vinyl, what would spencer do?, whiskey, wisconsin, wisconsin state concrete park