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"Sweet Dreams" (Scabior/Hermione)

Author: the_woods_
Title: Sweet Dreams
Pairing: Scabior/Hermione (or rather, Penelope Clearwater)
Prompt: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)"...specifically, the cover by Emily Browning
Rating: R for sexual assault
Word Count: 1530
Summary: Sometimes, he forgets who is hunting who.
Warnings: Sexual assault, cross-gen
A/N: This was written hastily for elle_blessing based on her wishlist at rarepair_shorts. The cover by Emily Browning inspired me to take Annie Lennox's words to a truly haunted and maddening level, hehe. Hope you enjoy ! I love Hermione/Scabior :D


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b&w thirds

Rarepair Prompts

Just snagged Theodore/Hermione over at rarepair_shorts :)

HP Rare-Pair Challenge
Author: the_woods_
Pairing: Theodore/Hermione
Progress: 0/13
 1. dither dather
 2. let the tempest howl
 3. this is Wednesday
 4. and thus
 5. the lake at midnight
 6. I can't leave it all behind
 7. paint the sky with stars
 8. facing tomorrow alone
 9. all I ask of you
 10. the sky has limits, too
 11. of paper and plastic
 12. parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme
 13. faces in the glass