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the woods (never look back)

a fanfic journal

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hello, hello

I post my fanfics on my FRIENDS ONLY Livejournal about three to seven days before I post on communities/websites. I am over eighteen years old.

If you'd like to be friends, please comment on my friending post and let me know you've added me, so I can return the favor ! [ link ]

For the code to this layout and more: [ link ]

"Because everyone is a fan..."

Author: the_woods_

Claim: Draco/Hermione

1. when everything's made to be broken
2. an empty room full of sound
3. nightmares
4. x.x.x
5. x.x.x

Progress: 3/5

"Because everyone is a fan..."

Author: the_woods_

Claim: Buffy/Angelus

1. wrong face
2. wicked truths
3. x.x.x
4. x.x.x
5. x.x.x

Progress: 0/5

7spells (HP Challenge)
7spells (HP Challenge)

Author: the_woods_

Character/Pairing: Theodore Nott

1. the cruelest month
2. the ballroom at midnight
3. glass moon
4. electric shock
5. five shades of white
6. effect of impact on stationary objects
7. dragon tears

Progress: 1/7

I'm a mod over at meet_scorpius

meet_scorpius is a new cross-gen HP fan fic & art community focused on pairing Scorpius Malfoy with various older women of the Wizarding World. Share your fic or art, post discussion topics, recommend work, give prompts, and more!

I always have a hard time with ratings--especially when choosing between an R and an NC-17. This fanfic ratings essay made me feel right at home :)

On Theodore Nott (inspired by this picture of Nicholas Hoult): "Dorky, shy, brooding, mischievous, aloof, calculating and openly fucking you with his eyes?" - paya27

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