We seem to have survived the stomach virus of doom. Oh gods, it was AWEFUL. I will spare the gruesome details, but there was a point in time where we pretty much thought we were going to die, lol. I believe I sent a dillusional message to Vero about not going to make it and how I wanted her to take care of Erik XD. Luckily Nancy took Erik for the night, because we would have been completely unable to take care of him.

I'm so exhausted now. Trying to eat. I could like..never eat again and I'd be happy at this point. Choking down saltines and gingerale though. I just want jello! My mom is going to bring some by later, yay.

Finstein is sick now :-( I feel so bad!! I think Erik got us all sick....cause he did the puke thing first. But then he was better right away, so..I don't know. Maybe because he's been vaccinated it didn't get him as bad, but kicked our asses. I don't know what else would have happened, or even how Erik got it...ugh.

We've bleached the house, changed all the linens, taken showers, and thrown open the doors for a while. DIE VIRUS DIE!!


and again, AAAAaAAH!

Eh, its just one of those days I guess. Miserable baby, here's hoping a nap will help.

He had his first significant boo boo last night. I thought I was going to die :-(

In other news, Lady Gaga wont get out of my head. *grooves*


I suppose people will always just go a head and assume the worst of you, hmm?

I'm a little peeved. Once again, FU to Facebook and its issues. I post that I need a vacation, and FIL replies there is no vacation from parenting. Uh, what made him assume I wanted to get away from Erik? I just want to GO somewhere. With Erik is fine with me. Do I come off as if I'm always trying to get rid of him or something? Jeez.


Time. Its weird. It is remarkable how years can go by in a flash, yet I know these next six to eight weeks are going to crawl. Time flies when you are having fun, and goes really fucking slow when you are stuck in a bed hoping you don't get a deadly blood clot.

Dreading the holidays even more. I'm afraid I'm going to be stuck at home and alone on the hardest time of the year for me. The rational part of me knows people aren't going to just abandon me, but I fail at being rational more than I would like. I just want to be able to go to my moms xmas eve party, and to my aunts brunch, etc. I hope I'll be a little more mobile by then. I would adore just being able to say...get into my bathroom. I miss seeing the rest of my house!

I'm going to get massive cabin fever, I know that. I suppose I could have Greg take me outside, but I can't drive anywhere really...well, maybe if we borrow the wheelchair van from Greg's grandma. Maybe I'll have to do that because. Um. I really might lose my mind!

In other news, Erik is doing amazing. Churning out milestones like its no big thing. Crawling, pulling up, and he even knows how to get back down again! Its amazing just watching him learn, watching him work through problems and figure things out. Its wonderful to see the light in his eyes when he figures something out, see his pride. I'm sure for most of you its just "blah blah blah mom talk", heh, but really, it is beautiful.

I've done some xmas shopping, but still have a lot to do. I imagine I'll be doing a lot of my shopping online this year, that or find a personal shopper, lol. My mom did volunteer. Some things I just can't get online, so I may have to take her up on that.

Doh! Go back to sleep Erik! The little bugger must know daddy is coming home >.>

Well, that's it for now I suppose. Hope ya'll are doing well.


I get to go home tonight!! YAAAAAY!

I'm nervous though. I hope I can get in the house alright. They took the giant cast off and replaced it with a big sturdy knee brace, but I'm still nervous its going to hurt more when I move than the cast did. They will be getting me visiting nurses and stuff take a little bit of the pressure off those taking care of me. I just want to go home!

I need to go food shopping...I have almost nothing at home -.-. I may have to use Peapod. The delivery charge isn't expensive, but Stop and Shop is expensive on its own (we usually shop at priceright) so I don't really want to shop there -.-

Blah. Just waiting for someone to come get me...heh. I miss my baby! I'll see him soon. Hope he's excited to see me!