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Lan se Tou fa Mo shu shyr

I'm vaguely offended by that...

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19 April 1981
"You remind me so of a boy I knew a long time ago, it was a great peaceful time. But humans are a fickle race, hungry for power and pleasure, such is the demise of human nature. In that child's eyes I saw you...Magus. So full of hate. It consumes you like a drug, eating you up until there is nothing left but emptiness. Maybe love could have cured this, but what if it is absent? When all is said and done and you've had your vengeance, what will be left for you to do?"

"What was I in a previous life I might ask myself. Was I strong? Was I proud? Was I ambitious? Maybe I was all these things and more. It seems to me like there are a great many people in this world chasing after their own selfish petty dreams and hopes. But I can't blame them. That was the way they were raised, thinking these dreams are their own, when in fact they have been fed to them since birth. But if you were to leave all these hopes and dreams behind...what would become of you?"

-Two passages, written in 1996 by an unknown source that I committed to memory. Knowing who wrote them or where they came from originally has been lost for years needless to say, and one sentence might be slightly off. 5 years is a long time to have to remember something without having a paper copy or a webpage to refresh yourself with, but I think more than 9/10's of it should be word for word accurate. It was written for Magus, and it's what made me begin to see the similarities and empathies between our two lives. It remains, as ever to me, descriptive of how I feel and is as good a passage as any for my bio

Disclaimer, because I'm that kind of guy:

No, I didn't create any of the pictures displayed in my icons. If I'm using your art, consider it exposure, and my highest compliment to your work.

Second, if you insult my poetry, I'll just laugh in your face. I wrote that stuff when I was 2 years old. And you're right. If you look at it chronologically, I'm negative 14 years old.

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