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Tasha Shrey's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Tasha Shrey




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7.21.07 - 4.14pm
[ mood | happy ]


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8.6.06 - 2.18pm
[ mood | calm ]

hm im bored. so this past summer realizing that life has its WAYYY UPS and WAYY DOWNS its an life learning experience oh yeah also you have to make things happen for yourself other than waiting for it to happen and if it never happens then oh fucking well move on.


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8.1.06 - 10.58am
[ mood | pretty chill. ]

So yeahh I'm just chillen right now waiting for Paige to come over so we can chill. My birthday is in 26 days and Lana comes home in 26 days how exciting, I'm feeling pretty damn good todays a good day I love it. Yeah soo I still didn't get what I wanted I don't know if I ever will but whatever totally cool with that.


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12.28.05 - 12.27pm
[ mood | sick ]

Weirdest thing happened to me when i woke up today, i felt really cold so i look under the covers to see what the problem was and i was sleeping in my panties somebody took my pj bottoms cause i remember wearing those as well when i went to bed so thats crazy....well i dont feel good at the moment just got back from the doctors they took blood from me and put this cute big blue bandage (sp) on my arm i like it then i had to pee in a cup it sucked had to force it out after that i felt sick i kept seeing big white circles weird ...anyways it feels like everyone else is getting what they want except for me im stuck at the hospital every fuckin dayyy !! with needles getting poked into me oh well guess its something i'll just have to live with but um im gonna go i feel kinda dizzy and tired


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11.13.04 - 4.17pm
[ mood | stressed ]

REPORT CARD Collapse )

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11.7.04 - 7.41pm


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10.11.04 - 8.09pm








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the week well most of it [
10.3.04 - 11.29am
[ mood | sad ]

Sorry i havent updated in a while if you wanna know why i said guys need to stop fucking with my mind thing then read this alright soo im gonna start with thursday cause thats how it all started.

Thursday - it was really really fun everyone was being all cool and shit and i was thinking about this guy and im like wow i think i might actually like him cause i kept going back and forth about it the whole weekend soo at lunch me and courtney were talking and stuff and we see him so i sit next to him and then me and courtney left and came back and started talking to him soo we get out of lunch and were still like talking to him and we go to his locker and im just looking at him and im like damn hes hott and sweet and all that good stuff and he starts singing and his head is like in his locker so his friend comes and pushes him and hes like woah me and courtney were laughing are asses off cause it was soo hiliarous so courtney left and me and him started walking and i start pushing him against the locker cause im stupid i guess but after that i went to class and all i could think about was him i guess and i almost asked him out that day but i was like no screw it whatever then another class comes and im short so like i cant get my book to draw in and im like hey can you get that for me hes like yeah sure and im like thankyou and i started petting him and he started petting me to it was hiliarious shit and were like looking at eachother it was great then i went home and im like hmm should i like him i dont know im not sure whatever then i started talking to alyssa and im like i think i like him its just confusing so like an hour later im like tomorrow im gonna ask him out i swear i will.

Friday - it was alright i guess i woke up took a shower blow dryed my hair and i read my horoscope cause i was bored and it said like you have an idea about what you want to do its not going to work today because something is blocking or in the way of you and im like hmm its wrong im soo not gonna believe that so i get to school and go to my classes and lunch comes and me and courtney start walking towards him and hes looking at me like i know something and im like what the hell and he didn't even talk to me when he was around his friends so i was like whatever screw you so then after lunch one of my friends comes up to me and tells me what he said and im like what the hell hes a confusing little fucker so then i wrote her a note saying like he was looking at me like i knew something and shes like but i asked him after lunch and im like yeah i know but this was during lunch and were both like weird so the class comes and im like you know what im not even gonna talk to him so he was just like looking at me and i didn't even wanna look at him i was soo pissed off and then at the end of class i needed to put my fucking book away DAMNIT i hate that cause i would usually ask him to do it but you know i wasn't talking to him cause i was pissed off so i get on my tippy toes and get it and i put it in there and put it back and hes like good job and i hit him and say thanks then im like what the hell you act one way with your friends when im around with you but then once im having a one on one conversation with you your all like nice and shit it pisses me off soo much just to figure that out guys can just be plain assholes..then after school courtney came over to spend the night and we were walking to BK cause we were hungry and talking about why i was all pissed and confused and i told her how i felt about it shes like sweetie guys are like that they try to act cool infront of their friends but then turn around and act different and i was all pissed and sad i was like about to cry after that me and courtney stayed up like late then woke up walked to BK to get some breakfast yummie then she called her house and her mom was in the hospital and im like omg awww COURTNEY I HOPE YOUR MOM FEELS BETTER "KISSES" so after she left i was like wow why do i keep wasting my time on him its not worth i dont think or is it :(.....

Love always,


P.S. why cant i just like guys that can actually not be the im a pimp type lol haha maybe i just like them like that hmmm ???HELL YEAH I DO

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9.19.04 - 6.58pm
[ mood | peaceful ]

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9.12.04 - 3.02pm
[ mood | drained ]

title or description

Love always,
Chocolate Milk

P.S. just wanna see how this friends only thing goes

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