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Control Room

5 August 1974
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acting, alcohol, aliens, anger, animals, animation, anti humanity, art, bdsm, bdsm clubs, biting, black, blackadder, blades, blood, bloodlust, bondage, books, captain jack harkness, casanova, centaurs, chains, chaos, chocolate, christopher eccleston, clawing, cold, comedy, computer games, daggers, dark, dark arts, dark knights, dark magic, dark side, darkness, david tennant, death, death eaters, designing, destruction, digital art, doctor who, doctor who fanfic, doctor who icons, dog soldiers, domination, dr. who, dr.who, dracula, drawing, dreaming, dukes of hazzard, fake moon landings, fanfic, fanfiction, fangs, films, games, ghosts, gore, gorillaz, goth, gothic, graphics, harry potter, hate, heavy metal, horror, horror movies, html, icons, jet aircraft, jet engines, lasers, leather, linkin park, long phrases, lycans, martial arts, masochism, metal, mindless self indulgence, monsters, moon, moony padfoot, movies, msn, music, my chemical romance, mythology, night, nine/rose, pain, pirates of the caribbean, planets, rain, rammstein, reading, red moon, reservoir dogs, rock, role play, sadomasochism, sci-fi, science fact, science fiction, scratching, sex, sirius and remus, sleeping, solar flares, solar observation, space probes, space travel, star trek, stargate, stargate sg1, stars, story writing, submission, swimming, system of a down, the doctor, the matrix, the rasmus, thunderstorms, trance, ufo's, vampires, videogames, violence, voldemort, war, weapon design, werewolf, werewolfs, werewolves, whips, winter, wolves, world of darkness, writing, writing stories