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ahh...im soo sore!

i didn't even realize how outta shape i was until i danced for six hours a day for five days straight

today we raided the costume room..and like found all these random old costumes from like back in the good ol days..and they were so tacky and ugly..and we like layered them all up...and did this hilarious dance..it was to "crazy in love" and we did the beyonce booty shake..and the robot..and leapfrog..it was classic.

so i'm excited for the big studio sleepover friday. and cottage with mar, car, and pet the next day. and going to jess's later in the summer. and shopping

and my nice warm bubble bath


haha..today we went to wonderland..im glad i got a season pass..i love it there..except it's so crazy expensive for food and such..but i try not to eat that much when i'm there...so i won't...you know...after a crazy twisty turny ride..haha..

o m g...

right now there is this totally hot guy on my lawn. calling my name so i can come down and kiss him and fall magicaly in love and elope with him to mexico. or maybe he's the yard guy. but whatever..it's currently like a zillion degrees out..so he's not wearing a shirt. hello, abs.

i must go get a popsicle from the fridge so i can walk past like eight windows to give him eight chances to see me.

happy in this moment

wow..i haven't updated in like..forever..

hah..sherkston was fun..lots of guys..ha..nice tan too..

once again, my household was disrupted by my sister..

right now i feel like shopping..like going on a big spree..i haven't jsut gone all out and bought everything i felt like since..my birthday

im so excited for next year. no more lord of the rings. haha.
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love her

i found this and thought it was absolutely adorable..

tell her how you admire her.
when she's upset hold her tight.
pick her over all the girls you hang out with.
play with her hair.
tickle her and wrestle with her.
just talk to her.
tell her jokes.
bring her flowers just because.
hold her hand and run.
just hold her hand.
throw pebbles at her window at night.
let her fall asleep in your arms.
sing to her, no matter how awful you sound.
get her mad at you.
then kiss her.
give her piggy back rides.
push her on swings.
tell her she looks beautiful.
pick her up and throw her in the pool.
she will scream and fight, but she'll love it.
when she's sad, stay on the phone with her, even is she's not saying anything.
look into her eyes and smile.
kiss her on her forehead.
slow dance with her.
even if there isn't any music.
kiss her in the rain.

and when you fall in love with her
tell her.


wow..the summer time..for the next two months im not gonna blow dry my hair..im just gonna let it go into natural waves...that is the whole point of summer...messy hair, big sunglasses on the beach, bathing suit tan lines, hot pink pedicure polish, coconut scented tan lotion, flip flops..lots of flipflops...

im so happy to be outta public school..i can't even say how relieved i am to never have to see any of them again..well at least for the next two months...then i may have to look at them..but only if by chance i have to pass through the "pit"


today was..frizzling..

we raked some sand..then got pink slushies :) then.. came over here and worked on the fabulous routine for the presentation thursday...mm..we ate alot too..

something sorta interesting happened later tonight..

track thing tomorrow..four ice cream cones for me..
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hello all..this is my journal...i'm gonna try to update this pretty often..so you all can know what is going on in my fabulous, exciting, interesting life..or not.
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