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World War zzzzzzzzZZZZZZZ

Everyone seemed to have read it. Everyone seemed to own a copy. What was I missing? Well apparently nothing.

This is one of the very (and I mean very very) few books that I haven't been able to read beyond a few chapters in. This is a monumental fail for me because I have read some dire books in my time. When I start reading something, it doesn't usually matter how boring, obvious, badly written or life wasting it seems to be, for some bizzare reason, known only to my inner conciousness, I feel the need to finish it. You know, just in case. Maybe it will get better. Maybe I will miss something if I don't read on.

It might be due to a really epic bout of avid reading I went through when my son was young, when I used to get through books in days, go get another and repeat. I used to pick books just because I liked the picture on the front or it simply happened to be in the scifi section. Hell! Sometimes, I used to purposefully just walk up to a shelf in the fictional section and grab the first book my hand landed on and swear to myself that I would read it from cover to cover no matter how far it felt from my comfort zone. I read some right rubbish during that time. But I also found some absolute gems that I might otherwise never have read. Books that made me think. Books that even changed my mind and the way I saw the world.

But coming back to the book in question. I just couldn't do it with this one. I couldn't read on. Maybe I am just feeling my mortality and no longer feel I have life to waste. Maybe I have suffered too many fools since I was that naive, poetic, innocent teenager.

Whatever. I couldn't do it. It read like the news. Like an interview. I knew this before I picked it up but I thought that the fact it was about zombies was going to excite and stir my emotions. But this was just the problem. It was unemotive. I could have been reading it on MSN. Stories splash about in puddles of emotion. They contain life. I might as well have been reading a transcript of some natural disaster like a tidal wave or earth quake. Facts! Stuff happening! But human connection? No. Enough to care? No.

Maybe I didn't read far enough. Maybe I was suffering extreme attention deficit disorder. Maybe it will be one of those books I will pick up a year or two from now and find it easier to read. But I doubt it. I read just as I watch movies. I become part of the story for a little while. I'm there watching with the eyes of the narrator, feeling the joy, aching the hurt and wondering what's going to happen next.

In World War Z, when I put the book down I knew I couldn't care less if I never picked it up and never read another word of it. For me it would be like the visual media equivalent of being tied to a chair with my eyelids taped open and forced to watch the history channel interspersed with repetitions of the evening news. I have better things to do with my life. I have storys to live.

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Busy. Still Alive.

Have an 8 week project I'm working on. It's for a hooooooooge company. Only been there four days. Feel a bit overwhelmed at the mo. I suppose it's because I keep being introduced as the person who is going to sort out their database *meep* *>.<* *full of the fearz*

It's hard enough just trying to remember who is who at the moment and get a feel for what the whole organisation is about, let alone figure out how all their processes go when information is sketchy, limited and here, there and everywhere and I'm not 100% sure who to ask what or even who is who lol Now I have reached the weekend in one piece I can hopefully get my head together and get a plan of action for Monday.

Found that by the time I cycle home, have a bath, make food, get my clothes ready for the next day, get lunch for next day made, washing put in and washing up done for the next day, it's just about time to go to bed already. I really needs my sleeps. I can't go to bed late and function as a real live human being the next day without it.

So I'm panicking as it doesn't leave me much time to read my HR book which I need to read all of by September. And I haven't had much time to search for and download any more journals let alone read the ones I have. I got up an hour early for work and sat by the duck pond with a coffee and managed to read and write some notes to just under half a journal. Looks like this, and keeping my Saturday as a day off (to keep me sane) and Sunday as my study day, is the only way I'm going to be able to do it.

Been walking and cycling about listening to my chinese stuffs. I'm registred for the beginners Chinese unit already but I want to make sure I can definetely pick it up. If I get to September and I am not progressing with it I will probably change over to the strategic management unit. But I hope it doesn't come to that. I'm determined to get this stuff to stick in my head. It would be nice to be conversant in at least one other language. I always wanted to learn Japanese, mainly because when I was Shotokan obsessed, I wanted to go and train there, but it makes more sense that if I'm going to learn a language it might as well be the one that most other people on the planet speaks, not to mention it will be handy in business :D

Anyway, I don't know why I am spending the one day of the week I get to myself waffling on here when no one's listening anyways :D I has wines and silly brain game to play. Back to enjoying my day of nothing while I still has some of it left :)
In a stupid nose scratching attempt whilst wearing leather gloves, I managed to hook out and ping my last surviving nose stud into the air whilst walking into the city yesterday. Thankfully Beaujangles did sparkly ones for only a squid each so I lost one and came back home with two sparkly new ones :D squee!

I just checked out my booklist for next semester at uni and was shocked to find that one book for Database design is £47, on Amazon with the cheapest copy of it being £31 *meep*

But I wasted a stupid amount of time last year filling in occasional surveys online for points and thankfully it wasn't all in vain because I can now get those points transferred into Amazon vouchers. It's such a relief because now I don't feel as if I have to spend an obscene amount of money on a book I might only use for three months. It almost feels like a freebie Squeee! :D

Right now have to go order my book and get back to doing a seriously huge amount of nothingness :D
Yes, yes, yes, yes YES!!!

I love Karma. Who needs (such a nasty but satisfying concept such as) revenge when you have karma. *hugs karma*

A message on the Elliots website, the estate agents that I used to work for. Well, I did until one of their directors saw the colour of my hair and got me sacked.

"Due to market conditions, Elliots have ceased trading and therefore like to thank all their past clients. All enquiries should now be made to William H Brown on 01603 760044. Thank you"

I was so happy when I saw their premesis empty I could have bounced in the middle of the street.

I'n not a spiritual person but it's hard not to believe in karma when it so often weaves it's beautiful form of justice right under my nose.


Murdurous, maniacal rant.

I have to post this as if I don't get it out of my system I will explode into a little ball of fiery wrath.  This is the type of moment when I realise that despite being part of the human race, I could potentially be capable of so much treacherous and torturous evil to another human being. 

....after reading this thread:


Right!  I'm going to have to go for a walk to get rid of the bubbling revengeful temper I am feeling so I can stop imagining what it would be like to skin him alive and pour salt over him like the slug* that he is.  I am trying really hard not to go and tell him that I would like to feed ricin cakes to any mini slobdogs he might have now or in the future.  In fact I hope he inhales the poison and any children that he spawns pop out with tails and an ability to only talk in what sounds like a miaow. ....or failing that, just retarded would do.  Some people are just a waste of DNA.  He would be more useful to society if someone ground up his worthless hide and donated it for pet food.

Now !  Off to the shop before I can imagine some other nasty way of finishing him off.
If I was a real dragon.  He would be a human kebab on a spine stick by now...... grrrr grrrr grrrrr grrrrrr *snorts little pink flame*

When I take over the world, he is the first to hit the fan.  Literally.  A big sharp one.

*Many apologies to real slugs everywhere.


Oh well, I don't suppose it would come to a surprise to my mum since the day I crazed her to buy me the sound track to Star Wars, buried my dolls in the garden, had an childhood obsession with dinosaurs and turned the dolls house she bought me on it's side and used it as a garage for my toy cars xD

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OMG!! They let me back in.....

 Two years to gooooooooooooooo.

I can has passed my first year of my degree.  Yay.   No resits for me.  *sings* I'm a clever buuuunny, I'm a clever buuuuny *does the clever bunny dance*
The blokeys fixing my boiler actually said "We might have your heating up and running by the weekend". But it's going to snow *meep* :(



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