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I've found that late night drives can be opportune times for deep conversations. I <3 Dan. You guys have no idea. We talked about everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but a lot of important things that I'm really glad we talked about. (Especially considering in less than a week he leaves for Colorado and will be gone for 2 months.)

I also like his sister's definition of "serious" relationship. One where you can't see an end in sight, or any reason to end it. And that's exactly what this is.

Today is also June 2nd. Normally I wouldn't point the date out when it's obviously at the top of this entry, but June 2nd is special and worth pointing out again, if only to myself. In light of feeling unaccomplished and frustrated today, it brings a good note to the day.

And one final thing, my room in the apartment finally feels like MY room. I should, however, attempt to socialize with my roommates more, not just their cats.

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