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i've figured what i want for christmas this year. or anytime, really.

i want an NGRY RSSN PNO PLYR. (for those that don't speak NGRY RSSN PNO, or any variant thereof, it translates to "angry russian piano player").

-must be able to play NGRY RSSN PNO
-should be hot. and male.
-is willing to become my pet and play NGRY RSSN PNO and prtty rssn pno for me whenever i want
-after which we can retire to bed and have NGRY RSSN SXNS (sexins)

if any of you happen to have one of these and are willing to part with him, i PROMISE i will take very good care of him and give him a nice big room with lots of PNOS and a big comfy bed. i will keep him fed and watered, take him for long walks in the park, and keep him otherwise exercised (coughcough).

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