Controller of the Absence (teodio_) wrote,
Controller of the Absence

so, scriptfrenzy will be the end of me.

i've completely scrapped the previous idea i had.
i now have, like, 20 days to write 20k words. but really i only have 17 or so because i'll hopefully be going to see eddie the 28th or 29th. so i'm aiming to be done the 27th. which means i have to buck up and write around 1177 words a day. and i've promised myself fun little rewards if i make my word count for so many days. you know, things like chocolate... and a new book or cd... and sims2 (XD)... and if i make (or beat) word count every day i'll let myself seriously consider getting my own set of roscoe brushes. mmmm, pretty.
for the record, i may end up counting a 'day' as whenever i get up till whenever i go to bed, not necessarily midnight to midnight.
anyway, this plotline is a lot stronger, the characters are more manageable, i have a clear first scene in mind, and most of the plot at least partially planned out except the very end.

and as always, someone's going to die. several people, maybe. i don't know why i always kill people off. XD

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