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I've found that late night drives can be opportune times for deep conversations. I <3 Dan. You guys have no idea. We talked about everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but a lot of important things that I'm really glad we talked about. (Especially considering in less than a week he leaves for Colorado and will be gone for 2 months.)

I also like his sister's definition of "serious" relationship. One where you can't see an end in sight, or any reason to end it. And that's exactly what this is.

Today is also June 2nd. Normally I wouldn't point the date out when it's obviously at the top of this entry, but June 2nd is special and worth pointing out again, if only to myself. In light of feeling unaccomplished and frustrated today, it brings a good note to the day.

And one final thing, my room in the apartment finally feels like MY room. I should, however, attempt to socialize with my roommates more, not just their cats.
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i've figured what i want for christmas this year. or anytime, really.

i want an NGRY RSSN PNO PLYR. (for those that don't speak NGRY RSSN PNO, or any variant thereof, it translates to "angry russian piano player").

-must be able to play NGRY RSSN PNO
-should be hot. and male.
-is willing to become my pet and play NGRY RSSN PNO and prtty rssn pno for me whenever i want
-after which we can retire to bed and have NGRY RSSN SXNS (sexins)

if any of you happen to have one of these and are willing to part with him, i PROMISE i will take very good care of him and give him a nice big room with lots of PNOS and a big comfy bed. i will keep him fed and watered, take him for long walks in the park, and keep him otherwise exercised (coughcough).
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i wish...

So i wish i had the ability to see what i could get for each of my friends that would make them really, truly, genuinely happy. I wish i could see what would make them smile. I wish i could see what they want, what they're wishing for, and give them the best present imaginable. that's what i wish for Christmas.

I did it with Amanda's secret santa present. I gave her what she said later was the most thoughtful gift anyone had ever given her. she hugged me, and she isn't the hugging kind of person. that's what i wish i could do for everyone.

Merry Christmas, to one and all. Even if you don't celebrate it, I hope your day is wonderful and that everyone gets something that makes them really smile.

have i mentioned lately that i love you all?
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You know what I've realized?

There is absolutely no reason I should let myself be unhappy.

Look at all I have. What I don't have doesn't even matter. Just look at everything I have, everyone I know and call friend, everything I've done, and everything I'm going to do.

Look at that, and tell me why on earth I should be anything other than happy.
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Halloween Meme
biancathecookie calls dokidoki_hearts to let them know the psycho killer's in the basement
dokidoki_heartsdokidoki_hearts creates an unholy monstrosity from labellacaracollabellacaracol, unrequited_rainunrequited_rain and julius12julius12
epicet gives you a toothbrush
julius12 puts real eyeballs in your pumpkin
prosopopeya buries yoursinger_x at the crossroads with a gerbil through their heart
museofspeed runs around screaming for hours until abruptly silenced by julius12, wielding a sharpened axe
bergann tries to pick up Phantom Hitchhikers
toasterobsessed puts fake eyeballs in your candy
unrequited_rain summons the undead armies of epicet to steal your candy
wildebrian carves xlickthespark's effigy in the medium of brains
xlickthespark devours the entire neighbourhood's gerbils
yoursinger_x swoops on toasterobsessed and drains their socks
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if you had to pick a serious (or semi-serious) thing to write a play around, what would you pick?

give me your character traits, your fears and hopes, your annoying habits and insightful lines...

damn, i just want to write something and finish it...

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erm.... i'm still alive? got 20k on scriptfrenzy, but it's not really finished... bought a cute little black dress and feel bad about spending money... eddie's coming up this weekend... fundies week is coming soon... and i feel like i'm slacking, only taking 14 credit hours.

that's all.

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so, scriptfrenzy will be the end of me.

i've completely scrapped the previous idea i had.
i now have, like, 20 days to write 20k words. but really i only have 17 or so because i'll hopefully be going to see eddie the 28th or 29th. so i'm aiming to be done the 27th. which means i have to buck up and write around 1177 words a day. and i've promised myself fun little rewards if i make my word count for so many days. you know, things like chocolate... and a new book or cd... and sims2 (XD)... and if i make (or beat) word count every day i'll let myself seriously consider getting my own set of roscoe brushes. mmmm, pretty.
for the record, i may end up counting a 'day' as whenever i get up till whenever i go to bed, not necessarily midnight to midnight.
anyway, this plotline is a lot stronger, the characters are more manageable, i have a clear first scene in mind, and most of the plot at least partially planned out except the very end.

and as always, someone's going to die. several people, maybe. i don't know why i always kill people off. XD