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like noone i ever seen noone i ever met someone i'll never forget [entries|friends|calendar]

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Goodbye! [February 21st, 2007*]
So I made that new name. I think I've added all of you, if not let me know..can you find me????!
lol naw i'm not gon play the 'guess which of the million people that has added you is me' my new name is

add it back.

[September 27th, 2005*]
minor friends cut.
reasons being:
no longer on lj
name change
been gone 4354 years

i'll add you back, if you ask.
so if you can no longer see the friends only entries..well you know.
i may have accidentally cut one or two people because i went on a spree so just let me know.

[July 23rd, 2005*]
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[July 18th, 2005*]

Welcome, 2005. [January 1st, 2005*]
[ mood | thankful ]

I found that for most of 2004, I was this underappreciated/overeager young acting girl. I took more things that I can count to heart, and let them stay there festering anger and resentment towards the people who had done me wrong. I had experienced heartbreak time and time again because of myself. My personality changed at least 3 times during the course of last year. At times I was this wise female beyond my years, but I slipped back into my child-like ways because in many aspects, I still am a child. I finally settled somewhere in the middle of those towards the end. I gave so called "good" advice, but I never seemed to take that advice and listen to it for the benefit of myself. I can't even count how many times I lost my temper in 2004, and let others get to me. I persued this "love" thing, which didn't work out the way that I planned. I met and greeted several males. I met and thought that many females could be true friends, but how many all in all do I still talk to? Exactly 3. I had pimp mode on in the summer and pulled a phonebook of numbers, only to talk to them to wish them Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday, and Happy New Years. I can't say that I met anyone that completely turned my life around and upside-down. I blame myself for the hurt that came upon me, because I allowed it to. I broke down countless times, crying myself to sleep at night. I didn't accept myself or even like myself for most of 2004.

However, there were good times in 2004. The 3 people that I talk to out of 2004 have been teaching me alot. I've only met one recently, but he has helped my confidence level in a way that I needed. I intend to keep that up in this 2005. The other two, I care for deeply. We have had ups and downs, but ultimately I would say that my experience with them were benefiting for me. I re-kindled old friendships from past years, and I can gladly say that I have no intention of letting my friendships die out. I have learned that in friendships and relationships that it is better to be honest than to lie just so you can benefit from them at that point. I learned this late in the game, but at least I'm still in it.

There were many times in 2004 where I laughed my ass off, and many where I cried rivers. All in all, the year was another experience that I can take on into the future, hopefully learning from mistakes and advice. I am thankful for 2004, and I welcome 2005 with open arms.

Happy New Years everyone.


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