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Woooooooooooooow. I can't believe I haven't posted here since June, and that wasn't really even a proper post, so let's make is April. I guess I got sucked into the bottomless black pit that is Tumblr, but then there was also the fact that my camera was broken and I felt like all I wanted to say was through photographs, and that wasn't happening, so what was the point? I don't know. Near the end of last week I woke up and found, to my surprise, that my mother had randomly bought me a Nikon D3100 as an early Christmas present. So, yeah, there will be a lot more posts coming along now (especially with Tumblr being down and all, haha). 

Soooo much has happened in the last couple months. I don't really even know where to begin. I've hung out with ~Yuri Pleskun, had dinner with ~~Peaches Geldof, lost my ~virgina-tay~~, watched Courtney Love make a fool of herself, stayed in a big house on the ocean for a weekend, been hit on by Chris Noth (creepy), cut my hair, become utterly obsessed with a blogging site that's always fucked up, overslept way too many times, became a smoker (briefly), spent an amazing night stranded in Brooklyn, started Prozac, professed my undying love for someone and then taken it back, stopped taking Prozac, finished three short stories (big deal for me), got a tattoo, marathoned seven movies back to back (Velvet Goldmine, About a Boy, The Fall, High Fidelity, The Big Chill, The Social Network, Royal Battle [Nollywood flick]), gained weight, lost weight, met Karen Gillan and Matt Smith (TOUCHED HIM), traveled into the East Village just for a bowl of macaroni and cheese (worth it), stopped talking to my mother, moved in with my sister, etc, etc.

I suppose the most significant change that's taken place recently is my new internship, which is at StyleLikeU. It's this style blog where interesting people with unique points of view and awesome style share their closets and their stories, and it is a really inspiring environment to work in. We're not just choosing one aesthetic and celebrating it - we're showcasing all kinds of people, from hip-hoppers to goth girls to California hippies. I love it.  I met the founder, Elisa Goodkind, whilst hanging out at my sister's apartment the day when she herself was being filmed for the site. Elisa and I got to talking, and I gushed about how I was such a huge fan of the website and had been following it for ages and by the end of the night she invited me to come work there. It was super surreal, and super amazing, and I've been loving every minute of it. The office isn't in an office at all, but Elisa's beautiful apartment full of big comfy couches and dogs and twenty people at a time clicking away at computers. I've learned so much and met so many amazing people and it's only been like two months! 

But enough about moi. How are all of you? I wonder if anyone is even reading this, tbqh, haha. 

Take care, 

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