telegram (telegram_) wrote,

Quick nerdy Doctor Who entry

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!!!!!

I have shit to say about my night but right now there is more important business at hand.

Namely: Doctor Who. 

I am going crazy. This shit is taking forever to load. 61%. OH GOD JUST PUT ME OUT OF MY MISERY FUCK'S SAKE.

I keep hearing that Part 2 is head and shoulders above Part 1, which isn't surprising.  I'm so excited I could pee myself. Yeah, classy.

I couldn't resist watching the Series 5 trailer, though. GOD. To be quite honest, I'm still sorting out my feelings on that one. Obviously, extreme excitement since I am a full-fledged Matt Smith fangirl at this point. But also trepidation...fear.....fgjdfgbjkfg. I refuse to read any comments because I just know there are a million angry fangirls calling him ugly and saying how much the trailer sucks. Ugh.  I'll talk more about all this after I've finally watched EoT Part 2.

For now, I'm going to watch Party Animals (I can't believe this show didn't get a second season). Some kind soul has uploaded it to Youtube, so that should satiate me for the next few hours.


...I can't believe David's run is really over.
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