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jiggins, buddy

I wanted to do a really in-depth recap of my year, but...I can't be bothered. I don't care. For me, days and weeks and months and indeed years really just bleed into each other. I remember very little. I don't look at my life chronologically. Very timey-wimey. So here's just a bunch of pictures and shit. Have a happy New Year, ya'll. Have fun. For once, I'm actually going out and doing something for NYE (party in BK) which should be exciting. I really, really wish I still had a proper camera. :[

Oh and and Happy(and sad, too) EoT Pt. 2 ~~ viewing to my Doctor Who fans. See you on the other side betches.

This year nothing really happened. I went to Ghana for six months, cut my hair, came back to America, started at a new school, obsessed over fierce black girls, bright star, john keats, ben whishaw, matt smith and doctor who, missed seeing muse at the vmas, met cool people at school, was pursued by three guys i have zero interest in, lusted after two guys who'd never give me the time of day, did stuff, moped around, worked a fro, fought with mom, took pictures, camera broke, didn't write, thought i'd write for skins, didn't get it, fell in love with n-dubz, felt depressed/lonely/ugly/the usual, got a tumblr, got drunk, ate lots of food, didn't have money, went to new york, cut ties with assholes, so on and so forth.

I wanted to make a video but it's quite late and everyone is sleeping. maybe i'll make one tomorrow i dunno.

Here are a bunch of pictures  out of order just like me:

i have nothing 2 say, my camera said it for me :[
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