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reaction: doctor who "the end of time"

So it's like two in the AM right now. My Christmas was cute. Christmas morning (like, three AM) me, my mom, my sis, and aunt had an early breakfast of eggs and ribs and watched the first half of West Side Story. We exchanged presents, which we haven't done in a couple years (plus I spent last Christmas in Ghana) so it was nice and all that. Later in the day we had a little get together, some friends came over and we went up to my room and watched District 9. Everyone left around midnight, the fam chilled for like an hour watching the Wendy Williams Show, and then I high-tailed my ass upstairs with a bottle of Corona and some pistachios to find the first upload of "The End of Time" that I could get my hands on.

Hm. Still don't know how I feel. Granted, I literally just finished it like two minutes ago. I will say this: It certainly wasn't what I expected. I enjoyed it, but at the same time something felt it wasn't as "epic" as I felt it should have been, despite the narration and the dramatic music and ominous tone.

I still don't know what to think of the Doctor. As usual, David Tennant was pretty fantastic. Especially in that small little scene with him and Wilf in the cafe, the "even if I regenerate it still feels like dying" killed me but simultaneously pissed me off because it's once again making the transition from 10 to 11 that much harder. But I still don't really get how the Doctor we saw in Waters of Mars and the Doctor we see here link up - I feel like in the Waters of Mars we got the sense that what ever was about to go down was all wrapped up with his "Time Lord Victorius" fuckery, and now it just feels like "lolz the Master is being an asshole again." Of course, I must remember that this is a two-parter so not all is yet revealed...

I definitely want Bernard Cribbins to be my grandfather now. He is just so damned sweet as Wilf. Great performance.

The whole thing with The I think that's what through me off. To be honest the entire storyline, from him eating everything in sight to the fuckery of every human being on earth turning into him just seemed really, really, really fucking stupid. Like, I wasn't even shit-just-got-real-ing. I was just like, "Huh? Oh, OK?" I dunno. It took me completely out.

BUT. It was all worth it. Because. I KNEW that gangsta-ass, sexy-ass narration by Timothy Dalton was gonna pay-off with what I had been expecting/hoping for the entire episode. And I love that they didn't fuck around with it either, they just came out and said it "The TIME LORDS RETURNED. GURL BOOM." FUCK. YEAH.

As much as I shit on RTD's writing I will say that I really, really appreciate him fixing the fuckery that is the ~Time War~. He played around with it and got all the melodrama and angst who could out of it but thank GOD he hasn't saddled Steven Moffat with that bullshit. Because I doubt the Moff cared for all that foolishness.

So, yeah. Overall...I'd give it a 7/10. I know I sound like the ultimate hater but it really didn't do it all the way for me until the final, final scene with those FIERCE ASS red cloaks and Timothy Dalton's fine ass. Unf.

And yes, I still want the Doctor to FUCKING DIE ALREADY.
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