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Weekly progress log

This week, just on the WIP:

DayWords written that dayTotal

To which, I can add 948 words written on friday the 17th (for the inkstains' submission).
Saturday was a glitch. I was out all day, and thought I would be able to write in the evening, but I was exhausted. I did try, though.

I brainstormed quite a bit on some scenes, and come up with a way to reunite two of my characters. I fried a few neurons for that. :-D

Not counting the short story, it adds up to 3916 words, averaging 559 words per day. Not as good as last week, but I'm keeping with my 500 words a day self-imposed minimum. I spend less time than before stuck with nothing to write, so I hope to increase that minimum to 600 sooner rather than later.