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Slash Drabble #5

A J/D slabble. Hurt and Comfort at high velocity, PG.
Do you think I'll ever rate higher than PG when writing slash, anyway ?

#5. Stargate slide.

I crash on my back. Carter flaps her arms and flies past me. Teal’c rolls after her.
“Incoming !” Daniel yells.

He lands, top speed, elbows first, onto my belly. This guy sure knows how to knock the wind out of me.

He stares at me, his eyes blue with concern. “Did it hurt ?”

I grunt.

He shifts his elbows an inch. Our chests are touching.

“Better.” Why did I say that ? I can’t move. He still lies on top of me.

He glances to check Teal’c and Carter, far, far away. Then he really makes it better.