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teddytonks_'s Journal

Ted Tonks
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Name: Ted Oliver Tonks

House/Year: 7th Year Ravenclaw

History/Family/Personality: Ted Tonks is the youngest of two children, having an older sister, Tara, who is four years older than he is. Both of his parents are muggles and his sister had no signs of magic, so Ted is the only one with any magical abilities. His dad owns a small bookshop where both Ted’s mother and sister works as well. As such they have tried to get Ted more into reading more actual books, but his favourite reading material is comic books. He doesn’t see how they’re any more or less intelligent than anything else out there. His parents are rather tidy people, where Ted really doesn’t fit in either. He’s messy and generally disorganized, using his homework as book marks so his books have several papers poking out of them in every direction and then it takes a while for him to actually find his homework when it needs to be turned in. Ted also likes to write and would like to be a reporter for the Daily Prophet. He would want to be a comic artist, but knows he has absolutely no drawing talent, though he can play the guitar, which he usually keeps at home.

Overall, he’s is a nice guy, welcoming to almost everyone who doesn’t reject him first because of his blood status. Ted likes talking with people, and while he would like to be a reporter, he’s not quite the type to agree with Rita Skeeter and her methods to gain an interview at any costs. He’s honest to a fault, which makes it obvious when he’s lying or trying to hide something. Ted likes watching Quidditch, but he’s never really considered going out for the team. His best friend is oddly Andromeda Black, the daughter of a long line of purebloods who would rather spit on him than look at him for the most part.

Appearence: Ted has dark brown to almost black hair that curls just slightly at the ends and equally dark eyes. He also wears glasses almost all of the time and is fairly pale. He just has an average build and doesn’t consider himself really handsome or cute in any way and even just considers himself to be and look like a geek, which he does.