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i'm back to this journal.
i decided i really didn't like the other one so i deleted it.

i've been worried about jt all day.
i haven't heard from him and its making me anxious.
i'm hoping that he just crashed at doug's house.
and he's probably just been sleeping all day.
i hope.

things i could be doing instead of wasting my time in front of the computer:
typing up a study sheet for science[asdfghjk]
drawing[by the way shary, i use my art journal a lot, thanks!]
taking a shower.
finishing my grammar homework.
talking to hayley.
sleeping sounds really appealing.
cleaning up my studio[which i need to do before tomorrow]

i guess i'm just incapable of cataloging my thoughts unless i type them up or write them down.
shitdamn my brain is fuckin fried.
fuckshit i feel sick.

i've been doing a lot of fashion designing.
i don't know where this is going.
whatever this entry is pointless.
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hey sarah, can you bring your old glasses to school so ican borrow them until i find mine?
&your math homework? ahh, this is the most difficult class i've ever taken.