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Пусть будет здесь

Who was Lin Shu? Lin Shu was his proud and flamboyant, fiercely competitive, never willing to concede defeat, close and intimate friend. Clad in silver with a long spear in hand, always rowdy wherever he went. He was the xiao huo ren who didn’t know what cold was. His joy was like that of a sparrow’s, his anger a tiger’s. He was the Young Commander of the Chiyan army who never concealed any of his emotions…

But who was Mei Changsu? He always had his head lowered with a superficial smile on his lips. His speech was mild and unassuming, and no one could ever see what he truly thought. He was always wrapped in a fur cloak and huddled near a brazier, measuring the depths of people’s hearts with his deep and flickering eyes, his face always as pale as paper. He had not the least bit of vitality and his fingers were always as cold as ice, as though they carried the chill from hell.

He was like the embers left behind after a blazing fire was extinguished. Others might be reminded of the blaze he once was but he no longer had that roaring heat and liveliness.

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