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brightly wound

i wasn't prepared for this

brittany nasty.
9 October
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  • paintxthelies
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19 on oct. 9th. crushing on too many. land o lakes, fl.
i love movies, girls&boys, funny people, music & the internet.
i love the fall. i love elvis presley. i love new york.
&& i love photography.

Friends Only.
i don't add people i don't know. only friends..
don't ask to be added if we met in a community.
i won't read yr entries & you won't read mine.

layout credit: bloodylipkiss

old journals..
  • xintimex was my first personal journal.
  • ___filthy was my second personal journal.
  • tattered__ current personal journal.
  • paint_thelies was my photojournal, i never update anymore.

    contact & websites i'm on:
  • paintxthelies.
  • MS: http://www.myspace.com/brittanynasty
  • FTJ: http://facethejury.com/profile.asp?user_name=___FiLTHY
  • YBX: http://www.youbeenx.com/profile.php?x=badlovestory
  • dilly: http://thedilly.com/view.user.profile.wtd?id=448852
  • people grade: http://www.peoplegrade.com/view.php?username=CatchMyDeath
  • buddy pic: http://buddypic.com/users/paintthelies
  • + more when i remember the rest..

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    i ♥ willy wonka.

    my rating community//JOIN!!
    you got me stunned.
    auto-accepting/rejecting 20*
  • , all sorts of girls, and some guys