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Taren Nauxen
25 June 1985
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#!/bin/bash, 2dx, abstract nonsense, academia, air iidx guitar, algorithms, ambient, ambient music, archimedes' spiral, asexuality, assembler, bad puns, bad routine, beatmania, beatmania ii dx, beatmania iidx, beauty in mathematics, bemani, big-o notation, binary, biosphere, board games, bowling, brian eno, c++, calculus, card games, ccccombo breaker, cheapass games, collecting, computers, contrarians, conventions, cosplay, costumes, costuming, crafts, dance dance revolution, dance with intensity, data structures, ddr, designing things, disco, diverse system, division by zero, dj fx, dr. bombay, draconity, dragonkin, dragons, drone zone, dwi, e, einstein on the beach, electronica, escher, fake fur, faux fur, fermat's last theorem, fibonacci's sequence, fleece, fluff, forbidden math, freecell, fur, furries, furry, furry lifestyle, fursuit, fursuit snuggles, fursuiting, fursuits, g.m.d., get it?, goa trance, goldbach's conjecture, golden ratio, harold budd, hexadecimal, hiroshi watanabe, hording treasure, hypercubes, i ♥ tails, ii dx, iidx, imaginary numbers, in the groove, integrals, itg, japanese, katamari damacy, konami, laff, lake area furry friends, laziness, logic, marquee tags, math, meditation, mff, midwest furfest, moby, my baby mama, mythological creatures, negadecimal, northern illinois university, number theory, oblique strategies, originality, otherkin, p vs np, philip glass, photography, physics, pi, pinball, pop ambient, programming, psytrance, pythagorean theorem, quadra, ramanujan, recreational mathematics, recursion, robert fripp, ryuichi sakamoto, sed, sewing, sex without huscoon, simfiles, slake, snuggles, snuggling, solitaire, somafm, spherical coordinates, spiral of archimedes, spirituality, susumu yokota, tails, teranoid feat. mc natsack, the klf, twodix, ultra combo, unix, video games, vj army, wearing a tail, wearing tails, whatpulse

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