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Hungry Haggard Hobo

[thats right, thats right]

14 November 1987
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adam sexton
2-16-86 -- 7-28-04
you are loved and missed

R.I.P to all you other fuckheads too.

im scuffin my shoes across the floor
thinking about all the kids ive seen
they blow through this town like wind through the leaves
i still look up thinking they'll come through the door.
doesnt change the fact that it still makes me sad to see them go.
and i wonder if on that freight train in the sky, does it ever get cold?
is there ever a wet patch of steel to slip on?
or a needle to shove in your arm?
do they have a fifth of whiskey waiting for you?
or a broken-ass but loved guitar?

i hope so, cause when i get there im gonna kick the shit out of all of em.
Your Hillbilly Name Is...

Lil' Pearl Clementine