What are your plans this week?

Someone come get coffee with me. Any time this week. Please?

Sureshot, or better yet, all night long at Beth's. I need's me some caffeinated company, but I'm not so desperate as to post this on Craigslist.

...cause that's just fucking creepy.

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I've been writing new songs.
The band is getting back together once Joe comes back from Baton Rouge, and Nate is getting back from Wisconsin sometime next week. I think we're all looking forward to starting over fresh.

Zach and Me

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I don't know where we're going or what's going to happen to us, but no matter what it's all okay. It was great while it lasted, and I hate to say it - but it's less keeping me here. All I've got is the band, and that's okay too. Just more time to start over again.
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Not enough breath and too many words

Leaving Saturday morning and the suspense is almost too much to bear cause when that sun crawls over the hill and I tap my foot impatiently waiting for some kind of release as if there's a pressure inside of me and the bottle got all shook up on the drive home from the liquor store that's when I'll know that it's time to go.
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There's a girl in the mirror and she's saying hello
but what she really wants is for me to stop staring.
It's rude and she's fidgeting
perhaps from knowing that she's being watched while she dresses and
puts on her face
readying herself for the oncoming day
and she can't shake the feeling that she's just been violated
via satellite voyeurism and subconcious self doubt
She feels awkward catching herself in the corner of my eye when there's little time for self-apology or self-evaluation
and I'm tired of you seeking for parallel validation.
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So I'm obsessed with this band called Shakey Bones. They have a myspace, and a song called "Boring Town"

...It's so creepily similar to how I feel about this place I can't wait to leave.

Counting down the days till MutantFest...
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I learned everything I need to know in life by drinking hairspray by the traintracks

Bought a new pair of carhartt's and a cabby hat that reminds me too much of my old one. It's been a year of looking...and I still haven't quite found it, but this is close enough for now.

Been cookin' for my maaannnnn....heehee

Getting ready for Mutant Fest.
Painting a bathroom tomorrow, and getting paid for it. Whoo.

Stretching my ears tonight, went from a four to something that's between a two and a zero. Damn those irregular measurements. [shh...burt's bees hand salve and res-q ointment = AWESOME]

Oh yeah, and I cut my bihawks into mullet hawks. DREADY mullet hawks.
Feel free to shoot me. HA.
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there's no more coffee in this joint
and the tip jar's getting lonely
the open road is calling and my baby's gone to sleep

im throwing caution to the wind
and cutting off my hair
because every now and then its time to let it grow

this wanderin' gypsy rambles to the tune of forgotten operas and revisionist noisemakers
with pennies in her pockets and rainclouds on the horizon
and i try not to wonder why my guitar case has gotten heavier
as the years go by

articulation is key and i can't quite put my finger on it...
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Woo! Double Postage!

Other than looking absolutely horrendous [intentionally, of course]
...I feel frickin awesome.
That and I've been getting laid...AND HOW!
So I must gloat. Because that's just what you gotta do when you get laid. And I intend to keep having knock-your-boots-off-sex with my boy until I finally get the hell out of here.
Kidd asked me to stay for his birthday on Saturday...[way to twist my arm there, with promises of beer, beer, and more beer]...so I guess I'm still in town.
I think, I'm going to go to the U-district for coffee. Maybe Derek will be at the Sureshot. And maybe I'll end up at Nova today.

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Mmm...I love the smell of Aquanet in the morning...

Again with the nostalgia.
Here I am all decked out in the brightest colors known to the spectrum - I barely even recognize myself in the mirror I'm so god damn P.F.R.
Holy ripped fishnets batman, thank GOD I don't do this daily.
Yeck. Wish I had pictures to blind you with.

I think I might visit Nova today, because I don't feel like sleeping. I don't really feel like visiting Nova either, but then again I hardly feel like doing anything productive.

...which would be why I'm sitting here at the computer at 5:40 in the morning wearing a mini skirt and three different pairs of fishnets with 12 pounds of makeup on my face.
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I love how listening to all of my old crappy music has made me put on all of my old crappy clothes.
Mmm...blue tiger print mini skirts and green leopard print fishnets...
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