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madame lexy-ちゃん!

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6 July
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name. alexis.
age. 22.
location. chicago, il.
hometown. foster city, ca.
old haunts. springfield, il, london, england, united kingdom, & tokyo, japan.
school. loyola university chicago.
graduate school. post-bacc pre-health certificate, pre-vet.
major. bba in management & international business.
minor. asian languages and literature [japanese].
job. activist, shop girl, student, & globe trotter.
status. taken.
dreams. to live in tokyo, japan, to be a vet, to own a upscale vegan restaurant, to have a tiny toy poodle named "coco chanel", to speak japanese fluently, to move back to california [the bay area], to learn how to make dresses, to learn how to knit, to visit disneyland again, to meet hello kitty in sanrio puroland [tokyo]. ...for now.
misc. raised in the san francisco bay area [650!], coffee addict, recluse, hello kitty obsession, three dogs [miniature poodle, pierre - toy poodle, freddy R.I.P. :[ - toy poodle/maltese mix, benji], one rabbit [brown and white, bunny] R.I.P. :[ , one blind tuxedo cat [mixed, popeye], three fish [tres hombres], one fish [beta, fishy the iv or mr. fish] R.I.P. :[ .


happiness is. all night diners, alternative subcultures, baking, black and white photography, blythe dolls, california, cemeteries, chick bands, coffee, cooking, cow oriented souvenirs, cupcakes, cupcakes and boozin', dance party drinkin' movie nights, defying analysis, desoto's, elegant gothic lolita, fine cuisine, french nails, globe trotting, gloomy bear, hello kitty, high fashion, history [repeating itself], ipods, japan, japanese street fashion, japanese food + snacks, japanese toys, late nights, makeup, malfi's, mixed tapes, oversized sunglasses, photo booths, polaroid camera's, poodles in handbags, post-mortem photography, retro fashion clashing, rody horses, sanrio, sno cones, snoopy, starbuck's, stuffed animal crane machines, suicide girls, sushi, tamogotchi's, tattoos, tea, the 60's, thrift shopping, ufo catchers, ugly dolls, veganism, vegan treats, victorian mourning rituals, vintage, vintage erotica, vinyl records, volkswagen passats, writing by candle light.


go away. alcoholism, animal cruelty, the scent of bacon, drug addictions, grass, homophobia, organized religion, racism, scenester parties, sexism, social situations, thieves, uber pro-life persons, war.


likes. alternative, goth, trance, electronica, indie, goth punk, japanese pop, sugary pop, world war two era, graver, riot grrrl, new age, pop rock, industrial.
bands. a.f.i., a perfect circle, alanis morissette, alice in chains, the andrew sisters, apoptygma berzerk, avril lavigne, ayumi hamasaki, babes in toyland, the backstreet boys, the beatles, bikini kill, billy corgan, billy idol, the birthday massacre, björk, blink-182, bush, cibo matto, the cure, daft punk, darling violetta, death cab for cutie, the deftones, depeche mode, the distillers, the donnas, the dresden dolls, the eyeliners, the faint, the foo fighters, garbage, gwen stefani, hole, incubus, jack off jill, the jesus & mary chain, john lennon, joy division, k.m.f.d.m., the kidney thieves, kittie, l7, ladytron, lady gaga, le tigre, london after midnight, madonna, marilyn manson, mazzy star, ministry, the misfits, n.i.l.8, new order, nine inch nails, nirvana, no doubt, pearl jam, pinback, the postal service, r.e.m., rage against the machine, the ramones, rasputina, the red hot chilli peppers, resident genius, rilo kiley, rob zombie, sarah mclaughlan, scarling, shiny toy guns, siouxsie and the banshees, sisters of mercy, the smashing pumpkins, sonic youth, stone temple pilots, sublime, tool, tub ring, the velvet underground, vnv nation, voxtrot, the white stripes.


films. 50 first Dates, 200 cigarettes, buffy the vampire slayer, cruel intentions, the devil wears prada, factory girl, ghost world, girl, interrupted, the grudge, harold and kumar go to white castle, house of 1000 corpses, jawbreaker, kamikaze girls, kiki's delivery service, a little princess, lost in translation, marie antoinette, mary poppins, memoirs of a geisha, my fair lady, my neighbor totoro, pillow talk, pulp fiction, she's all that, sid and nancy, sixteen candles, spice world, spirited away, the texas chainsaw massacre (the original), trainspotting, the virgin suicides, the x-files movie.
television. angel, army wives, bewitched, buffy the vampire slayer,gilmore girls, i dream of jeannie, mad men, the munsters, sailor moon, the simple life, sex and the city, the x-files.

written word

books. the bell jar, the devil wears prada, fast food nation, FRESH FRUiTS, FRUiTS, memoirs of a geisha, the perks of being a wallflower, the picture of dorian grey, spoon river anthology, thus spoke zarathustra, totto-chan, walden.
poetry. elizabeth barret browning, e.e. cummings, emily dickinson, sylvia plath, edgar allen poe.
magazines. FRUiTS, gothic beauty, gothic & lolita bible, KERA, u.s. weekly.


visit. myspace - myspace page [luvusako].
facebook - facebook page.
vegan miss - cooking blog.
blogspot - blogspot|travel photoblog [caffeine infused reality].
photobucket - photobucket [luvusako].
deviant art - deviant art [luvusako]. hasn't been updated in ages.
soulmates eternally - buffy the vampire slayer / angel fanfiction archive website. hasn't been updated in ages.
brave little girl - personal website. hasn't been updated in ages.

additional info

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adding. if you would like to add me, there is no problem. please note my journal is friends only. comment in the journal to tell me about the add. if you never update or do not comment, i will take you off my friends list. thanks.
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