because Im bored for the folks I never see anymore.... stupidity ;)


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Boredom makes for photo fun with Jimmy Johns cups and a slightly fuller sketch book.
What color are my eyes? Is gray normal... and I am a super clutz , some things never change
Pre-  self hair cut. Michael and I looking very Jack and Meg White

Todays plans.
Help Michael, (see man above), reattach the pipe for the bathroom sink to both the sink and the wall. Ducttape apparently does not hold for long :)
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can you help my maytter plants?

Theyve gotten even larger since these pictures.
Yet the big one keeps producing buds but they never flower and the little one keeps producing flowers that fall before they make fruit.

Any one have a clue how to better manage my maytters so they actually flower all the way to tomato?

eaither way, tomato or not, I suppose theyre still just darned cute arnt they :)

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What Ive been doing with myself recently. (lots of pics)

These still have a little work to be done to them but there just prototypes so their not meant to be spectacular. Just to get a real idea of how the mechanics of a few ideas really work before I get into any huge final expensive anal retentive versions and mess them up.

They are just rough drafts though personally; I just love them! :)... anyway
what is the "them"?

Ive decided to start making marionettes..
simple ones of course and not out of wood nor freaky looking doll parts.

Here are some pics of the two practice runs Ive completed  Michael even quit warcraft to sit and play with the marionette for 5 hours straight.
so at least there a hit with him ~ especially the one he could make break dance-
If all else fails I can at least build him an army of little hip hoppers... :P

I had a few videos but I couldnt figure out how the hell to get them on to live journal from photobucket.?

#1 - beat box- free styler
,,,Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
- I made all the cloths out of scraps from around our house- Im proud of the jeans and want a real pair for me. The outer shirt comes off but he rest is attached. hes still not finished and yes his arms are straws... I just wanted to figure out the mechanics so he can have straws for arms if he wants to :P -

# 2 - a ... brightly colored ... thing ?
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so this is what I have been up to. I would be making more practice versions now but I am out of glue and need fishing line. So instead I posted pictures. let me know what you think.
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2 short poems

I have this friend.
He’s ten-foot-high, brown skin,
lives in a glass house.

Like I do.


What kind of woman are you?
they asked her.

i am the worst kind of woman
i am no woman.
she replied.