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Maybe I'll make you a song.

Maybe I'll make you into a song
Put some use to these feelings
Maybe once they're out
My heart won't feel so heavy

I wasn't expecting you to be my hero
But you saved me from the hell I was living

The thoughts in my head are always going
Around and around
You made me clear you made them stop
just for one weekend.
one perfect weekend.
you held me
looked me into my eyes and made me feel like I was worth something

You and I have something beautiful I promise I'm not just holding onto lyrics.
I thought for a second we could be each others someone...just something to hold onto to get by
We've been though it all...
Just go back to that one moment. in your arms. where it was perfect. and it was silent.

our lips could be made for each others. no one fits just as easy.

I chase the unobtainable.
I thought we would never be.
You knew we would.
Seems you had my heart the entire time.
I let you.
I let you use it.
But she had yours.
She hurt it.
I warned you.
We all did.
You're damaged.
I don't want to see you hurting, but you won't let me love you.

I shouldn't have opened myself to you. I'm to weak to be your cure <3 But...I would give anything to try.

Last night when I was in your arms I needed to write my feelings down. For a good reason. I needed to express how happy you made me in just a short short time. I only write when i'm sad. you made me happy and I needed to express that. Never do that.

But in such a short short time...my heart has hardened and I'm oh so battle scared once again.

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