new year solutions

 so i was riding home with greg last night after new years party and i was thinking about resolutions. i'm horrible at remembering things, and keeping resolutions :( but im really going to follow these this year. and i figure if i post it in my lj it'll help me remember!

1.  LIVE IT UP; this year is the last year with a lot of my good friends and greg. god i can't believe they'll be graduating in june and going to college in september. it's heartbreaking just thinking about it. but i'm going to live it up this year; i'm going to have fun and not worry about looking stupid or what people think of me. i'm going to party and dance like i think i know how and i don't even give a shit. 8) because this year is it. next year i'm pretty much all on my own except for about a handful girls that i love to death.  and if theres ever been an important year in my life, it's this year. 

2.  no more fighting with greg. a relationships gotta have fights every once in a while, but i'm going to stop getting mad at stupid things and be happy because i want him to want to be with me and think of me when he's at a college party and that hot blonde keeps hitting on him.  i want to be the best girlfriend i can be. we might only be in high school, but i see my future with him. :] i love you sweetie<3

3.  lose weight for prom and summer yeah original!

4.  get into VA TECH early decision.

5.  KEEP MY CAR CLEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!

6.  senior field hockey captain

7.  get freaking organized.

8.  party party party! (but still lose weight!)

9.  keep my grades up

10.  stay clear of drama!

11.  score twice or three times as many goals this year. 

HELLO 2008!!! i'm ready for ya ;)

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wow it's been forever

it's 1:26 am 
tomorrow's my birthday :D 17 babyyy!
greg continues to amaze me everyday
and i love my friends more than ever

life is great  :]

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we all came in here wondering what was going down.
but i’ve seen what’s been going around and i’m here now to tell you.
there’s’s a whole lot of people here tonight gonna get straight laid out.

i've been really bad at updating lately. i just never get motivated enough to do it anymore. it's the same thing everyday: school. softball. food. homework/tv. sleep. i just can't wait until summer. i'll have an update everyday. hah. but things are okay. josh and i are talking more (yay!). i'm getting at 98% in geometry, and for the rest of my subjects, it looks like straight AAAAAAAAs. f'real f'real. the weathers getting warm and yay, beach sooon.

i'm taking a practice permit test right now, and i'm actually getting them all right. :] i'm excited. 8 daysss man. my dad said he's going to start looking for a mustang for me. i can't wait.

so far district softball is going really well for us. we beat arcadia last friday, and we beat chincoteague today. we should've beaten nandua last tuesday. but yeah, they beat us off a grand slam. we were crushed. but we're gonna kill them thursday. 8) haa. ♥ but since nandua beat arcadia today, that puts us in first for the time being. hell yeah.

interims come out soon *gag*.

and let me just say i had an awesome time at anberlin with audrey.
dude, lmao. best night ever.
look at her livejournal for pictures.
aka my computer's too slow to do it myself.
i'll post the link.
EDIT: here's the link to them picturesss. . credit to audrey awesome and my cool-ass camera. ha.(sike)
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