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Raised on a glistening platform I stood on my own. The sun was hammering on my skin which left no room for shadows. Finally I gave them some room, but I acted too soon, for I never should have let them in. I come and go, like jingles from your telephone. Instead of picking me up, you put me on hold. Line 1, Line 3, stop bothering me. Chatter about the feelings you felt that day. Belt it out, sing it in my ear. Can we row this boat using the oars made of fear? We paddle upstream only to be greeted by a descending fence of water. It's funny how the feelings have switched. We play tag, and right now I guess I'm it. Come out; come out, wherever you are? Beside the shining coastline I watch you blow bubbles. They swoop and glide towards me by the force that pushes them. BOOM! They explode with incredible vigor. The blast sent me away to a place in the dark, somewhere foreign and strange. I look all around and there is nothing to be found, except you, in a glass container. She grasps your thumb as you look to the sun, and I swiftly walk away.
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As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that wasn't supposed to ever let you down probably will. You will have your heart broken probably more than once and it's harder every time. You'll break hearts too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.

You'll fight with your best friend. You'll blame a new love for things an old one did. You'll cry because time is passing too fast, and you'll eventually lose someone you love.

So take too many pictures, laugh too much, and love like you've never been hurt;

because every sixty seconds you spend upset, is a minute of happiness you'll never get back.


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