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And Darling..

, __rawrlayouts, adam brody, animals, ashlee simpson, bands, bangs, baths, being odd, belts, big hair, birthdays, black & white, black eye liner, blinkies, blondie, boots, boys in tight pants, boys night out, camera whoring, candy, chicken burgers, christmas, clothes, craziness, crushing, cuddling, cutting your own hair, cyndi lauper, daphne loves derby, desaparecidos, dinosaurs, duct tape, early mornings, email, eyeliner, eyes, fashion, fire, friends, from first to last, funny movies, gel, glam, hair, hair dye, hairspray, happiness, heart, hellogoodbye, holding hands, hoodies, hot pink, hugging, hugs, ice cream, lacuna coil, late night phone calls, late nights, laughing, laughing till it hurts, layers, lip gloss, lip piercings, lipgloss, mac makeup, madradhair, magazines, make-up, makeup, marilyn manson, michelle branch, models, music, my chemical romance, nails, night, pantene pro-v, peaches, peircings, phone, photobooths, photography, photoshop, pictures, piercings, pink, placebo, polka dots, pool, pretty eyes, rain, randomness, rawr, rollerblading, safety pins, sarcasm, school, self confidence, senses fail, sharpies, shoes, short hair, shows, sleeping, sleepovers, snow, sonny moore, spikes, spring, stars, summer, sun, swimming, talking, tanning, teenage romance, tegan and sara, telephone, the beach, the birthday massacre, the devotchkas, the misfits, the postal service, the spice girls, the spill canvas, the used, thrift stores, underwear, vintage, walking, walking barefoot, yeah yeah yeahs