say i like you, i might feel just like you.

I've got too much time on my hands. You know what this means?
Nameless game.

1. Who the hell are you? You've changed alot...ALOT. I hate it, but pretty much everyone else loves it. You're the love of everyone life right now. The "it" person. Don't tell me who the fuck I should be, or to smarten up. Don't tell what I can and cannot do. You're not that cool.

2. I fucking love you. I don't tell you this enough. You know when to tell me to shut the fuck up and listen to you, and when to just let me sit there being an idiot talking about nothing. You don't know how much it meant to me for you to be there. But it was alot. We've been friends forever. And we hopfully always will be :) loveyou.

3. God. I don't even know. We make weird friends. You're there for me when I need you, but I'm too afraid to reach out for it. And I think that goes vise versa? Sometimes though, you can get on my nerves. But I love you anyway.

4. You're adorable. But we like never talk anymore. I miss you alot. alot alot alot.  But you've got so many friends I don't feel like you remember me, or want me around. And if that's the case, I'll love you regardless. But I do miss the weekends we used to spend. Just the three of us. Being dorks, or oo-gling hot boys/girls from random things. Iloveyou :)

5. You bother me so much. You're not better then the rest of the world. You really arn't. I know you don't like me, but I'm still here. And no matter how much you wish I would go away, I'm always going to be here. Somewhere.

6. We only have one class together, and even then , we like don't talk in it. But you're pretty fucking rad. Haha, we have to hang out SOON!!!

7.  I love you, and I hate you at the same time. We have the weirdest conversations, but they do us both good? I miss you too, even though I see you all the time. But I guess this was all bound to happen.

8. Hehe. You're pretty friggen crazy. Somtimes I hate it and want to punch you in the face, but other times I love it and it cheers me up. Love you.

9. God, you're awesome. We like never hang out, even if we say we're going to. But I love you anyway. You're cute and can get crazy. We like alot of the same things, but we're still different. In a good way. Let's have a wild party. Just you and me :)

10. I don't really know you. We havn't done much of anything together. But you're awful funny and awful pretty. But you can be a bitch. I think you know that though.

11. I don't know if I like you or not. I want too, cause you seem pretty fucking cute. But you know.

12. You're hilarious. We need to hang out more. more more more more. Okay? Mwahawherasd.  :)<3 ps; you're cute too.

13. Yrrrr perrrdy1! ! ehehe. We used to be good friends, sort of, I mean, we talked alot and stuff. I thought we were good friends. You, me and someone else. Alllways chattin it up on y'ol MSN . We talked about weird stuff and sad stuff. And yet, we STILL havn't melted metal. haha<3

14. you're HOT!

15. you're a maniac, and I love it. but you can get pretty stupid and say and do stupid things. but then again, don't we all?? <3 I miss the old you somtimes too.

17. I don't know you like, at all. But I put you on this list to tell you how pretty you are.*2people*  :)

18. You smile at me everyday when we're in the halls. It makes me happy. You're cute and I love your shoes!

19.  I really do miss coming over to your house. I miss talking to you and you being so awesome to me. No matter what it was, you always seem to care. But I havn't seen you in a long time.

20. I LOVE YOU, lovity love love love. Call me please please please. We NEED to spend some old fashioned whole weekend quality time. I miss you. We never do anything anymore. I miss making fun of someone together. And I just miss you. :)<3

21.  You annoy me alot... :)

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bestfriends are made to laugh

x something less x says:


Draw a knife across my wrist, Draw blood says:


x something less x says:


Draw a knife across my wrist, Draw blood says:


x something less x says:


Draw a knife across my wrist, Draw blood says:


x something less x says:


Draw a knife across my wrist, Draw blood says:


x something less x says:


Draw a knife across my wrist, Draw blood says:


x something less x says:


Draw a knife across my wrist, Draw blood says:


x something less x says:


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Happy October Fourth!
Becca left me for Comback kid at two.
I was sad sad sad sad. Sad sad sad.
Sara and I had a talk today, it was sad, and happy.
And happy and sad again and again.
I bought ear thingers today, and saw Matt at the store.
I got another Tegan and Sara cd.
Love them muchos.

Tomorrow, I get to see Allie AND Becca.

ps; you. help me. hate me. love me.
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