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WILMA [23 Oct 2005|07:19pm]
Keep us safe throughout WILMA.
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why hello! [15 Oct 2005|01:06pm]

havent been here in a while. too busy to write &&& maybe if i didnt have a sister that hogs the computer or if i had a laptop in my room, maybe then i would update more often. lol.

well yesterday was homecoming!!! :) its came out beautiful!!! it took us 2 days to decorate. it was so tiring but it was worth it. the theme was under the sea "journey to atlantis" and since we save all our money for prom [because HML has the best proms] we only use balloons for homecoming. there was blue material all of top on the dance floor which made it seems like the water and fish hanging down and bubbles and then on the table there was balloon seeweeds and balloon fish and bubbles. the bubbles were so friggin hot. they made everything come together. i absolutely loved how it came out :)

&& it was so much fun & everyone looked beautiful. i have a lot of pics but ill post them here as soon as i upload them to photobucket.

yesterday we made 4 months too ♥

i love him so much. hes my world. oh & btw, that surprise date thing.. he took me to disney on ice :) i told him i wanted to go so bad and he took me. aw, i love him.

well im gonna go see if myspace is working now cuz it wasnt before.

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my b/f is adorable ♥ [26 Sep 2005|11:02pm]
marios taking me out on sunday.. just me & him. and he doesnt want to tell me where. he says its a surprise. [ ? ? ? ]

i wonder where we're going... hm...

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[11 Sep 2005|11:32am]
heyy :)

ive been a little lost.. not too much.

schools been good.. work has been a pain.. i tried to quit & the lady started crying. geez. but if she wouldnt have cared i would be coming home everyday bored, waiting for mario to get out of work.. so yeah. plus the check at the end of the 2 weeks isnt so bad so yeah. :)

friday night, i went to see THE MAN with mario. it was good.. i guess. kinda repetitive. LOL.

yesterday, i went to my gmas house & then to walmart, then to starbucks & saw kristy. omg my dad is too funny & EMBARASSING!!! i told kristy i was teaching my dad how to sign a song in ASL, since shes in my class & my dad starting DANCING, SINGING & SIGNING. geez. LOL LOL. anyway, then i went home & my babe came over and i helped him with his homework. we have to finish today so he can help me with my math. & then we saw Wicker Park. :D

oh btw- my grades

TV Production- A
Analysis (H)- B
Rionda- A
English 4 (H)- A
ASL 2- A
Gov't/Eco (H)- B
Teacher's Aide- A


well i g2g to church! see ya!!
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quick update! [31 Aug 2005|06:22pm]
just a quick update!

+hurricanes suck! its so sad how many people have died :( oh my dad mentioned something about its incredible how whenever theres a problem in the world, the US is there helping out.. lets see who helps us out..

+we lost power the day katrina came at like 5.. went to hialeah. lost power there after two hours.. slept on the floor with sandra & her pussy [lol]. next morning, ate mcdonalds. then at night, sajonys party with cristy, sandra, cary & mario. then we droppedd them all off & went to sleep at abuelitas house.

+ we stayed there like ALL daayyy playing poker & stuff. & then we went out with diana ♥ & james to sunset. at night my baby slept over cuz he didnt have any a/c.. or a roof. poor boobie. :(

+ saturday.. went to aventura & out shopping. great day! ♥ spent it with mario from start to finish :D :D :D

+ sunday.. went out with cary to international mall, then at night VMA/poker party [cary, priscilla, johar & mario] great night too!

&&&&&& thats about it. now just getting back to school & work :\ eww. oh well.

ill update in more details later.. oh & pictures on the wayyyy!
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piscies [18 Aug 2005|06:17pm]
hey kiddies [ i sound like mai-lee, lol ]

today was a lot of fun. it was the blood drive so i didnt go to any of my classes because yeah, SGA. so i worked it. i did the food with janessi & then later on cary. FREE FOOD! holler. cary got me pissed today because she said something about me & mario because she called him something.. but w/e, no need to bring that back to my little head, i already vented to my mom & cuqui. anyway, then babe came to lunch to see me & we decided that we want to go to the football game tonight. well HE was the one that kinda decided. lol. i dont care. :) i lav him. lol.

well, homies. just a quick update.
[ yes lissette, my journal is getting boring.. ]

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[14 Aug 2005|11:25pm]
my bebe just left. :)

im so happy with him.
i freakin' love him.. have i said that already? ♥

in love ♥ [14 Aug 2005|01:13am]
[ mood | super HAPPY ]

i LOVE my freakin' boyfriend

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[13 Aug 2005|05:27pm]
[ mood | in love ]

hey. just a quick update.

school. tired. work. tired.
oh yeah for those that were asking, im working at a day care. 2-6. not that bad.

yesterday saw "wedding crashers" with my boobie. he was dying to see it ever since it came out. it was funny.

tonight, movie night with him. dunno what we're renting yet.

tomorrow, happy second month ♥ ♥ ♥
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haaa-n! [11 Aug 2005|06:24pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

i got myself a j-o-b!

pee.s- i hope he decides to come see me today!!
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weekend! [07 Aug 2005|11:10am]
[ mood | awake ]

hey everyone!

school has me so tired.. i get sleepy at like 10.. oh well..

anyways, friday i had SGA.. then priscilla came to my house along with mario. my dad decided he wanted to go to the car show so we changed and went. it was w/e.. there werent a lot of cars since it had been raining. but it was still fun :) then we went to taco bell & i fell asleep on my baby

yesterday i stayed home all day & at night we went bowling it was fun but it took like 2 hours to actually get a lane. then when we finished at like 12:30 we went to dennys. i ended up getting home at 2:00. i got home & knocked out.

now in a little bit, we're going to church. hopefully i can go to the movies with mario & his little sister. *crosses fingers*

more pictures later.
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SENIORS!!! [06 Aug 2005|01:54pm]
[ mood | happy ]

seniors rock it. 'o6!!

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who am i? just guess! boys want to touch my chest! LOL [06 Aug 2005|12:35pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]


i havent been doing this LJ thing very well. ive been SUPER busy with school. go to school at 7 to get out of 7, take a shower, hang out with my b/f for like an hour & sleep just to wake up again at 7 & do everything again. sounds like im complaining.. but im not. its been fun so far.

last weekend my parents decided to rent at the sheraton in bel harbour. we had planned to go to the beach with marichu so she just came with us. & mario came too. then they were suppose to go home & get the air beds after ilys "super cool" party but they decided to just come back in the morning so mario slept on the floor. :( LOL. the next day patty & them came for a little while. & then we went home cuz school started the next day.

this week, school has been good. i LOVE all my classes.. even glaser.. that man is SO smart. an ass but SO smart. ill update more on school when i put those pics on photobucket.

here are pictures from the weekend..

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blah. [29 Jul 2005|04:38pm]
[ mood | sad ]

blah blah.
im so freakin' blah.

today i had student gov't. we had freshman orientation. it was fun. they're fun. but whatta DRAMA with the freakin' senior crowns.. w/e.. no comment. & she made us come in @ 7:30 & at 8:00 she gave us an hour break...? explain? oh well, we went to la vina. check this out.. a HUGE pan cubano toasted with butter, cafe con leche, 2 fried eggs, bacon & fries for $2.90.. CHEAP & DAYUMMM IT WAS GOOOOD!!! mmm.

anyway, i dunno what im gonna do tonight. my sister is going out i think. she always goes out now & i stay home & stuff. i dunno at what time mario is coming back from the keys. hopefully i can see him today.. or do SOMETHING. im actually worried something happened to him cuz its been 3 hours since i talked to him & he doesnt pick up the phone & he was driving. :\

well im out. bye!!
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[27 Jul 2005|12:38pm]
wussup? :D

schools almost starting!! ahh! i want it to come already but i dont. i want to be a senior but i dont. i want to graduate but i dont. :( im gonna miss HML.. oh well i still have a WHOLE year left :D

im really glad i joined student gov't. even though its a pain in the butt, its cool because we decide everything that goes on in school.. themes, ideas, what gets sold after school, how trojan fest is gonna happen, all the pep rallies.. everything. & the coolest part is we get to sit on stage!! :D whoo-oo! so yeah, now FEA is gonna be more FEA-oriented. we arent gonna go for club of the year.. basically because we all want to commit to our senior year & all the officers are seniors so there you go. either way, we got it last year & all we have to show for it is a trophy. even though it was REALLY fun.. being THAT committed to senior class will show a lot more. because every single memory is made thru all the hard work we put in.

yesterday we served breakfast for the teachers & spray painted the senior crowns for senior royalty day. they look cute. but we have so much to do. & everytime we go to do it, it starts raining & caro gets wet because no body else wants to. LOL. oh well... :)

today i might go to joey's house again to finish the crowns. & janessi has my camera so i dont have all the pictures but here are some..

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:D [22 Jul 2005|12:35pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

waiting for patty to go to the beach :)

pictures coming up soon! i promise!
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hi ho [21 Jul 2005|12:15pm]
[ mood | happy ]


just started this journal thing & im already slacking. lol. oh well. :)

quick update:
sunday- church, cheesecake factory, shopping, g-ma's house, chilled w/ mario at night ♥

monday- had to fix our car.. didnt get it fixed, then when we finally got the car back my mom, cristy, mario & i went to sawgrass to buy uniforms for cristy [ which we ended up returning.. ] & ate long john silver's.. mmhmm.

tuesday- had to go to school for SGA but i was too sleepy so i called that i couldnt go. then we went shopping again for uniforms. we went to hollister, american eagle & marshalls.. then at night we went to boomers. it was my mom, sister, me & mario, sandra, marichu, ily & her friends. it was fun.. i LOVED the go-karts. some girl crashed and like started having seizures.. my baby jumped out of his kart so fast to see if there was anything he could do lol.. "superman" lol. :) hes so cute.

wednesday- went to school for SGA.. work so hard!! had to do some stuff there with money since im senior class treasurer & then we had to rearrange the storage room.. AGAIN cuz we had already done it 235,667,889 times.. but w/e. and then we kinda not really helped janessi & eric build a desk. lol. SGA is a lot of work but its worth it.. its a lot of fun. after we went to ibiley to buy my uniforms [yes, we returned all the things we had bought the days before]. saw rite & lily there ♥ & then mario came over. later we all went to abuela's house in pattys car and ate like pigs. lol.

today i have to go to the doctor :( boo, you whore! lol. & then i dunno what else.
see ya!!
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bleep! [16 Jul 2005|01:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]


im so tireddd. i dunno why..?

yesterday was a fun day. i went to the beach with my mom & cristy & marichu & ily. the beach that they usually go to was DEPRESSING! they cut off all the big trees that were there. my aunt asked some ranger or w/e what had happened and he said that the trees were australian and they didnt want them because its a florida state park.. how dumb. now there was no shade in the picnic/BBQ area. oh well, he said they had a lot of money and were gonna bring in new ones.

at night, i had nothing to do so i went to paradise to see willy wonka. BIG DRAMA. oh well.. everything turned out as planned. it was me & mario, ily, sandra, laura, patty & aurora. them other ppl were there but we didnt let it bother us.. LOL right sandra? :D brush it off niggah! LOL

now im probably gonna go see my gma.. cuz she came back from vacation and shes been here for like a week & i still havent gone to see her. yes i know im horrible. i havent seen her for like a month. & i wanna go see my great-grandma too because shes been sickie & stuff and they put her in a rehabilation or w/e it called center in the nursing home behind my house.

at night, ilys friend is having some party w/ power 96, dance contests, ride, foods & drinks.. so yeah.. ill probably go with her. it sounds like fun! it sounds like a fair. LOL.

oh i have my senior picture proofs to show!! but i need to scan them. or maybe ill just take a picture of the picture.. that might be faster. LOL.

write more laterrr!
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quick update! [15 Jul 2005|12:51am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey.. just a quick update!

*senior pictures
*1 month anni. date with my baby

conclusion: one pretty cool day :D

write longer later.. cuz im le tired. muahz. ♥
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lissette... [13 Jul 2005|11:55pm]
thanks for the layout!! ♥
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