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Date: 2006-11-26 21:57
Subject: Friends Only
Security: Public
This LiveJournal account is now friends-only for the following reasons;

01. I refer to my best friend with words such as "vaginalover".
02. Due to Reason 01., anonymous readers presume I am a lesbian.
03. With Reasons 01. & 02., such anonymous readers decide and proceed imply such to my father.
04. Obviously, some people would like to INTENTIONALLY misinterpret or just unintelligently interpret things I type.
05. Making my journal slightly harder to access for such readers gives me great satisfaction.
06. I would like to continue to jokingly type however I please.
07. To ultimately avoid both unimportant and unnecessary entry explanation.

Not to be misunderstood, the following reasons are NOT why this LiveJournal account is friends-only;
01. I have things to hide.
02. I care about the thoughts of the anonymous readers cited above.
03. I care if people, in general, read my entries.
04. Fearing lurking users or browsers of any sort.
05. I am a lesbian?

And by the way, I know who such anonymous readers are.
I'm a good kid, stop trying to prove otherwise. I have nothing to be ashamed of and have only chosen this direction of privacy for the initial reasons listed. Even if you dig up my password, or a friend's password, everything is absolutely explainable but I'd like to stick a wrench in your heartless, meaningless nosiness. Get a life of your own besides toiling with others.
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