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Ambrose and I were in a car wreck on I-95 last night on the way to Miami Beach. My brand-new Honda Civic collided headon with another accident on the carpool lane that we didn't even see until it was too late; the black car we hit didn't put its hazards on. Ambrose is fine, but I have some internal injury in my chest and hand. It hurts to move. MY neck is very stiff and it feels like someone punched me on the solar plexus. My car is smashed up in the front, but not totaled, and it's in the shop right now. I probably won't see it again for 2 weeks. The air bags didn't deploy. Ambrose, who was driving, got 2 tickets (one for no proof of insurance, one for a learners permit driver operating a vehicle after 10 pm). We were not charged with the accident because the truck we hit took off with no damage. I have not been charged with anything.

I don't know how we going to get back to Orlando, although we are talking about Greyhound ::shudder::

I don't know how I'm going to get to work every day for those weeks.

I don't know how much time I should take off work to recover from the pain and handle the repairs of my car in Miami.

And I don't have enough money in my credit card for a rental car, and in all honesty I'm scared to drive right now.

Ambrose says that he will handle all the expenses.

This was supposed to be a vacation.

Jul. 26th, 2002

:: staring out of her window at her Civic ::

My car has 20 miles on it right now.

Don't you just love newness?

I promise to stop the boring car posts soon. Novelty is temporary. It's auto NRE. :-)

Trying to decide what to do with my weekend. I'm taking dramaprincess home after work, then going to spend an evening with chronicfreetime. Saturday I have two choices. I could either surprise my family in South Florida, who are having an impromptu family reunion this weekend (I told them I couldn't go because my Mazda was acting up.... they dont know about the Civic.... hah!!), or I could attend the karaoke thing downtown with the orlandofl people. As much as I like karaoke, I dont know when I'll get to see my Cuban relatives again.

Oh yeah. Now that I'll be making $300 car payments, I guess my Cuba trip is shot. As well as my Boston trip plans. And any hopes of affording to check out Seattle. Or Chicago. Or Denver. Or, any other city that involves actual plane tickets. ::sigh::

I'm going to be on a budget. I am so NOT good at being on a budget. I have expensive tastes. I shop at the Fresh Market rather than Kash and Karry. I eat lunch at swanky Italian places with Angela. I like to treat my friends when I can. I make huge payments on my student loans. Maybe I'll place a call today to lower those payments.

LJ posts about money and cars is going to cost me in my friends list..... note to self: develop a hobby and get interested politics. Be more current and philosophical.

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