Moon motel, what?

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Well.. nothing new has happened.. on monday I was quite the little genius in English and Mechmann and Huneke were completely stunned... they're used to me just... sleeping/drawing/simply not paying attention. And interior design is great. We just make things out of clay and then bake them. Whoa... I just realized that Lisa still has my backpack. Damn backpackgirl hahaha Lisa. Aww, also, backpackboy's little leaf broke. So upsetting... haha. Other than that, nothing much is new and life's pretty boring. Give me some excitement.
Moon motel, what?

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Alright.. saturday was a mix between amazing and disaster...

Me, christina and aly went to the mall and me and christina had a bit of rebellious fun in nordstroms.. then we met up with aly and we hung out and shopped.. always fun with them... then we went to the movies with nick and some guys and christina and aly left kill bill and saw 13 going on 30... kill bill was teriffic for a multitude of reasons.. then aly and christina come running in at the end of the movie freaking out and almost in tears because they thought i left them there or got.. well... dead. So then i had to call my mom because they called her and said i was missing.. my mom was bawling... i thought i was going to be grounded for the rest of my life but surprisingly i got in absolutely no trouble.. i never do..
Moon motel, what?

Oh yeah

Friday: I would describe skate and surf and say how amazing coheed was but i already did and it all got deleted so im just going to sum it up in a few words:

Saturday: Luckily I managed to save the description of saturday...
I Went to Christinas at about 1:00 and we got ready to go to Harrison's lax game... she was taking forever.. then Aly came over and Christina proceded to get ready.. slowly... haha but its all good Christina we love you... then she sent her mom away and she was our ride to the game so Aly called her mom and she drove us. By the time we got there, the game was almost over. Colts Neck lost, what a suprise.. but they got hit with lots of fucking sticks... good game lads. Then we all went back to Harrison's and me, Christina, and Aly got in a gummy eating contest and ate like 123 gummy pizzas, hot dogs, and burgers..."HEY, JACQUE LETS SEE HOW MANY WEINERS WE CAN FIT IN OUR MOUTHS!" damn we're sexy.. then Harrison ordered some pizza and mozzarella sticks and we all ate and then we jammed and went on the trampoline and stuff. It was great. Then we decided we wanted to go to the boardwalk because it was nice out so we all went back to Christinas, got ready, and left. Me and Aly stole some candy, coffee, and other goods. I also walked away with a cute ankle bracelet. Then we all walked on the beach and me and aly bumped and grinded and wondered about what crabs do in their free time... hmm aly... We went in the funhouse which was fucking hilarious... me and aly were like yeah were cool.. we ran through without Harr and Christina and left them behind and christina was scared shit. We waited about 5 minutes for them to come out and then a small child and his father came out and we said "have you seen our friends?" The dad said "Believe it or not they went the other way" and the 6 year old boy said "Theyre wusses." Me and Aly peed. It was so hilarious.. Then finally, We hear them coming out of the tunnel and failed at our attempt of scaring them. Then me and Aly ran ahead and went down this slide and crawled into a tunnel. Christina and Harrison took a different way and went on a path instead of the tunnel because they didnt see it and we hear christina screaming "OH MY GOD! JACQUE, ALY?! WHERES MY BEST FRIENDS?!" holy shit.. so funny.. then we popped out and christina got hilariously mad. It was so great. Oh i forgot.. Harrison also bought me some coffee ice cream! Thanks kid! And i bought the group chocolate covered strawberrys.. oh my dear god.. so good. Then we went with christina because she wanted to play a game and harrison won her an elmo.. awww.. then she wanted to win a lamp thing so we played that game and she kept losing and whining and whoring me and aly's bodies to the poor kid don behind the counter.. Some Casci quotes:

Will you give me a lamp if...
"I hook up with aly right now?"
"Harrison hooks up with you?"
"Jacque hooks up with you?"
"Aly hooks up with you?"
"Aly has sex with you?"
"Jacque has sex with you?"
"Harrison has sex with you?"
Then we took some really cute pictures in a picture booth and i played ddr and the little japanese baby was jumping on the game.. so funny... Then we went in this sushi place and Christina got some california rolls and then after that we left. It was an amazing dayyy.