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Frech, Frech, Frechy, Frech/ Hair, hair, hairy neck.

Today I went to Court's after school and we "worked on our Berlin wall extra credit project". In reality, all we did was read FRECH: The Musical!, Macy Gray alternate endings, and stuff our faces with Chinese food. POM! Me and Courtni sang the "Lookin fo' freedom" song (sung by Dave Hasselhoff himself) a few times and we just chilled out. Her mom took us out for Chinese at wegmans and it ended up costing $40 which was ridiculous. We ate and brought what was leftover home and as soon as we got home we were "re-hungry" and ate the rest of it. We had lots of fun even though we clogged the pores of the bus seat with makeup. So yeah Kristie, I am in love with you and your playwright skills. FRECH: The Musical! is absolutely AMAZING. <333

Hey Court, you should really buy your winter coats in the summer. It's a lot cheaper. <3
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