July 27th, 2004

Moon motel, what?

I'm actually updating... what a loser I am

I just feel I have to put this in a journal, you know, just for the principle. A few days ago Brian broke up with me and then he sends me a conversation between him and some random person claiming I cheated on him. After about an hour of him accusing me of being a slut and not trusting me, it was proven completely untrue. What an asshole he was. Oh, but it gets better, much better. It just happened that I wasn't the one doing the cheating. HE cheated on me with my [ex]best friend, Jen. He did this because he was selfish, needy, inconsiderate, and most of all, an pure fucking asshole. I should have dropped both Jen and Brian right there, but my Christian soul caused me to forgive them. They both apologized sincerely and I thought that they had realized the error of their ways as they had claimed. I will never trust anyone ever again. A few days later, Brian had a party and we all went, he again apologized to me. We kissed and he held me in his arms, looked me in the eyes, and told me he wanted to be with me. The next day I was online and one of my friends informed me that Brian was over Jen's house. That was the end. It ended up that Jen and Brian had hooked up once again. Everything the son of a bitch said to me was a lie. My best friend betrayed me twice over. They will never be forgiven and the hatred I feel for them both is pure and adultrated. I will make sure to make every living, breathing moment of Brian's life a living hell and I will not back down. Fuck off, world.
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