Moon motel, what?

I'm actually updating... what a loser I am

I just feel I have to put this in a journal, you know, just for the principle. A few days ago Brian broke up with me and then he sends me a conversation between him and some random person claiming I cheated on him. After about an hour of him accusing me of being a slut and not trusting me, it was proven completely untrue. What an asshole he was. Oh, but it gets better, much better. It just happened that I wasn't the one doing the cheating. HE cheated on me with my [ex]best friend, Jen. He did this because he was selfish, needy, inconsiderate, and most of all, an pure fucking asshole. I should have dropped both Jen and Brian right there, but my Christian soul caused me to forgive them. They both apologized sincerely and I thought that they had realized the error of their ways as they had claimed. I will never trust anyone ever again. A few days later, Brian had a party and we all went, he again apologized to me. We kissed and he held me in his arms, looked me in the eyes, and told me he wanted to be with me. The next day I was online and one of my friends informed me that Brian was over Jen's house. That was the end. It ended up that Jen and Brian had hooked up once again. Everything the son of a bitch said to me was a lie. My best friend betrayed me twice over. They will never be forgiven and the hatred I feel for them both is pure and adultrated. I will make sure to make every living, breathing moment of Brian's life a living hell and I will not back down. Fuck off, world.
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Moon motel, what?

Frech, Frech, Frechy, Frech/ Hair, hair, hairy neck.

Today I went to Court's after school and we "worked on our Berlin wall extra credit project". In reality, all we did was read FRECH: The Musical!, Macy Gray alternate endings, and stuff our faces with Chinese food. POM! Me and Courtni sang the "Lookin fo' freedom" song (sung by Dave Hasselhoff himself) a few times and we just chilled out. Her mom took us out for Chinese at wegmans and it ended up costing $40 which was ridiculous. We ate and brought what was leftover home and as soon as we got home we were "re-hungry" and ate the rest of it. We had lots of fun even though we clogged the pores of the bus seat with makeup. So yeah Kristie, I am in love with you and your playwright skills. FRECH: The Musical! is absolutely AMAZING. <333

Hey Court, you should really buy your winter coats in the summer. It's a lot cheaper. <3
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Moon motel, what?

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I quickly photoshopped myself up a nice little rose background. I like it... if anyone wants a custom background, I'm here for you.
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Jacque's Hate List:

1. People who say "word"- Give it up. You're not black.
2. Liars- Tell the damn truth, it's not that hard.
3. Fakes- Be yourself, no one likes the fake "you" anyway.
4. Scene kids- I just hate you all.
5. Willam Hung- I don't just hate him, I hate the principle behind him. Be extremely untalented and undeserving of any fame, yet make millions of dollars.
6. Ignorance- Well, who doesn't hate it?
7. Mexicans- I do not hate the whole race, only the ones who follow me around school screaming "MICHAEL JACKSON".
8. People who judge you without knowing you- Damn, I hate you.
9. Black men- Thank you for trying to commit the crime of stachatory rape on my body, but I'm set.
10. Being used- Well, who the hell likes it?
11. People who type like tHiS - Can you tell me the point of that?
12. Posers- Gee, I like those lyrics on your profile, too bad you've never listened to that band in your life.
13. Andrew W.K.- I hate you Andrew W.K.
14. Self Absorbed/Selfish people- The world does not revolve around you. Get over yourself.
15. When Wendy's/McDonalds/Burger King get's your order wrong- Excuse me, all I wanted was a plain chicken sandwich. Why is it swimming in mayo?
16. Rumors- They ruin lives.
17. Men who see women as objects- We're people and should be treated as such.
18. People who overreact- Calm the hell down.
19. Flash cartoons with singing and dancing cats/dogs/babies- I just despise these with all my heart.
20. Chain mail- If you send me chain mail, I'll kill you.
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I'm chewing on my guitar pick. I think that could be an indication that I'm hungry. Anyway... I'm sure everyone is anticipating the recap of my weekend (that's me being sarcastic.)

Friday: I went bowling with Nicole and Kristine. Next week's our last week of it and I couln't be happier. I passionately hate bowling. Then I went to the CHS dance. It was ok but it was great to see Jamie, Jess, Carli, and especially Allie since I haven't seen her in three-hundred-zillion years. Yeah, so Friday was pretty good.

Saturday: Woke up at 10:30 which is fairly early for me on a Saturday morning. Then I met Court, Nikki, Alex, and Brittany at the mall. It was so great to see Brittany again! I haven't seen her since around Christmas. The first thing we did was go to the food court, of course. I got some Chicken McNuggets from McDonalds. I purchaced Kristie's birthday gift. She better love it because I went into Bang-Bang for her. I bought her an adorable skirt with comics it. It's really nice actually. Then me and Courtni got kicked out of Bang-Bang while waiting for Christina to buy her goods for sitting on the floor singing Coheed and Cambria. Then Nikki and Alex left and Court, Brit, Xtina, and I hung out for a while and we stared at some guy in a window, trying to find out if he was real or a mannequin. He was real and he noticed us. That was absolutely hilarious. Then Brit and "Coat" left and Christina and I got our eyebrows done and got some more chicken nuggets, this time from Wendy's. I would like to say that McDonalds' chicken nuggets definately own Wendys'. Anyway, yeah... then Christina and I went to Victoria's Secret and were rebels. Then I went to Jessica's birthday celebration at Applebees. It was so nice to see everyone! I miss you all so much! And I got to hang out with Alana which was cool. So thats it, I'm done. Comment.
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Moon motel, what?


I'm a little bored so I'm just going to ramble. I apologize if my sentences have absolutely no structure.

Brick! Dripping Brick. Way to be Bobby! Chase, you're fat. Way to be a bitch... BOBBY! S.S. Pothead -cross out- sXe . SPIKE IT! Hey Jamie... you're a bitch. Are you talking to me? No, I'm talking to Jacque about you. Oh hi Ms. B. This is Michael Jackson. Westendorf cubed. Way to be Rumson, WAY TO BE. I mean Monroe! WAY TO BE MONROE!Is there anyone on your team with the last name Calahan? Yeah his last name's Calahan. OH MY GOD! Haha Lisa... after school is AMAZING I can't believe we can have that much fun just being ridiculously insane.
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Today, fifteen years ago a wonderful person was born. Happy birthday Jessica Pringle! Haha. Just wait until Saturday. You're going to love your card.