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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Drag Queen

welcome to my life, motherfucker

the goddess of imaginary light
2 June
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"It's a good thing I was born a girl, because otherwise I'd be a drag queen." -- Dolly Parton

Favorite Bands/artists:
Good Charlotte
Kill Hannah
No Doubt
The Darkness
David Bowie
John Mayer
Simon and Garfunkel
Bon Jovi
The Clash
Bruce Springsteen
Kinky Cheese Obesession (What? I can't like my own band?)

I know I skipped a few. Tell me.

1- I like Good Charlotte. If this makes me scum, then so be it. Me liking GC does not mean that I am a poser, it means that I like GC. Get over it.

2- I like gay and androgynous men. It's nothing to be sorry for, It's not my fault that the idea of a man touching another man turns me on.

3- I have issues. So do you. Oh wow.

4- I am indeed insane. I always have been insane. I will always be insane. please do not alert me to the fact that I am insane, because, as stated in the sentence above, I already know it.

5- I'm emotional. Does that make me emo? I dont know. I dont care.

6- If you say one thing specifically to me that specifically and openly disses one of my bands, then you are permanently on my "immature list". What kind of music I listen to doesn’t matter, and its kinda silly to be all "your music sucks". It’s ok if you don’t like it. But you can bet that I won’t ever tell you obtrusively every day of the week that your music sucks.

7-Yes, I am obsessive.

8- Yes, I have an inner GIR. He's out, most of the time, though.

9- I do not like people who constantly whine to me about their numerous boyfriends. [note: coming to me about relationship issues is not the same as whining. whining is: "omg Meghan, I like bobby, he's so fucking hot, but alan said he liked me, and Ii already promised stuart that I'd marry him! Meghan, what do I do???"]

10- I do not like people who shove their religions at me and expect me to be grateful.

11- I do not like republicans.

12- I am not too too fond of democrats, either. But they're better than republicans.

13- I am pansexual. I just can't deny myself to half the population! I just can't!!

14- I will not have sex with you for money.

15- I will, however, have sex with Brian Molko for free. the same for Benji and Joel. and Billy. And Paul. And Mat. And Justin. And I'm shutting up now.

16- Stupid people make me angry. You might think that this is hypocritical, but I dont mean ditzy. I dont mean comicly stupid people. I mean seriously, annoyingly stupid.

17- I am a potty-mouth. FUCK YOU!

18- I will love Benji Madden til the day. I. Fuckin. Die.

19- I have a tendancy to partake in actions that involve a razorblade. I do not give a fuck what you think about it, because it isn't your skin, is it? So I can do whatever the fuck I want with it!

20- Don't tell me that things will get better with my mother. They won't. She doesn't understand, she doesn't listen, she may care but she doesn't know the right things to do and say. I loathe her. Plus, she's a conservative homophobe. That alone is reason enough to dislike her intensely.

21- I am alot more innocent than I act. So... yeah. That should go without explanation...

22- I am pretty much inseparable from my eyeliner. All of it. All colors, glitters, consistencies, it's all MINE! And I look damn good in it :)

23- I am also inseparable from my black nail polish. I've just about used up one bottle in like 3 months. Someone buy me more.

24- I am really really really random. Bannana.

Because I think a really long userinfo means I'm a really cool person... not
A - Act your age - 16.
B - Body Type - Short, curvy. ish.
C - Clean or Dirty - both. ;)
D - Dad's name - Shannon
E - Essential item(s) - Eyeliner, whatever book I'm reading
F - Favorite Book - Ishmael ;; Daniel Quinn
G - Gold or silver - Silver... Gold is like everything now. And it doesn't go with anything I own.
H - Hometown - I was born in Columbia, I now reside in the middle of nowhere Highland.
I - Instruments you play - guitar, a bit of piano
J - Job title - Fairy.
K - Kids - Get. Them. Away.
M - Mom's name - Pamela
N - Number of people you've slept with - Virgin!
O - Overnight hospital stays - when I was born... I guess...
P - Phobias - being locked up.
Q - Quote you like - "It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not"
R - Religious affiliation - eh... Wiccan, I guess.
S - Sibling - Faith, my twin who I happen to be 6 months older than and we have different parents... these things can work out oddly!
T - Time you wake up? - 6:15
U - Unique habit - I like eyeliner... and men with eyeliner... and men with eyeliner screwing other men with eyeliner...
V - Vegetable you refuse to eat - Asparagus
W - Worst habits - Well I like it. But other people want me to stop cutting.
X - X-rays you've had - teeth, chest, foot
Y - Yum food you make - Cereal. Someone come over who can make real fooood.
Z - Zodiac Sign - Gemini.

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Prowling on the tundra, cutting down all who dare stand in the way using a jeweled meat hammer, cometh Sucker_love_! And she gives a bloodthirsty grunt:

"By Odin's mighty spear, I burn with the holy fires of destruction!"

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le claims
I've claimed
-Brian Molko's teeth, hair, eyeliner, tummy, and feet at claim_whatever
-I got hitched to Brendan Fraser at tie_the_knot
-a hell of a lot of crap at claim_nething
-Adrian Young of No Doubt and Brian Molko of Placebo at claim_a_punk


My God List
I think these people are Gods. Just my opinion
-Brian Molko
-Gwen Stefani

Gay Husbands
-Brian Molko (so what is he's only half... makes for better threesomes!)
-Steven Cojocaru
-Kyan Douglas

I'm a polygamist! OH NO!
My wives (hey guys, I need some husbands)
- whambamglambam
- Kate

I'm a fan of The Illusion of Ecstasy By youbrat.

Look ma! I'm Stamped!!





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