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Sun, Sep. 25th, 2011, 12:19 am
Life Update


We've finally started doing some renovations. We put up a deck out front, and paved our front lawn and turned it into a parking space. We put up a swingset in the backyard, and made the storage room on the third floor into a real room with an actual wall and a door. We also painted the outside of the house.

We still have a ridiculous amount of plans and things to do, but we finally got started.

Short term: Something to plant in the trench next to the driveway, Patio Furniture, new bbq, big screen for the computer to be a better media center. Lighting for the deck.

Long term: Redo the kitchen and the floor on the main floor. Build an extension out the back (if we can get affordable permits). Maybe put up a pergola over the deck.

Very long term: Enclose the large balcony on the third floor and make a whole apartment up there.

This is all assuming we stay in the city for that long (which we ideally plan to). Please refer to the city section below.


Chana is 8 and in grade 3. She is doing well socially and in most subjects, but she is having language issues, in both English and Hebrew (reading and spoken). We are going to get her assessed with some psyhco-didactic pterodactyls or something like that. Chana is a great kid

Sefi is 4 and is in kindergarten. This is his first year in a city run care facility, and it's all in Hebrew. He has not really taken to the Hebrew and he may or may not also have some language issues, or may just choose not to really learn the Hebrew. Hopefully he will catch on. He does know some words and at least he is not acting up out of frustration, which was our biggest fear. I think he'll do fine. He doesn't like being alone, ever, but does a bit better now when reminded that he's never really alone b/c Hashem is with him. How adorable is it that this comforts him :)

Ella is now in day care in some Breslav lady's home in Ramat Bet Shemesh Bet. She is doing great there. I think she'll be the one kid to actually pick up Hebrew from the very start. She is exceedingly well behaved aside from an occasional stubborn streak.

Lorien's work is going well, though she has been stressed lately due to an illness in her family. She holds my family together and keeps us all on the straight and narrow. She is my rock, and I am hers. Still very much in love.


My job is going great. I've been at my new place for over a year, and I'm enjoying the work and work is enjoying me.


I'm pretty darn happy in most respects. I'm down about 40 pounds from my heaviest, and I'm keeping it off. I feel good and look good.

Eh, city and friends update parts will need to come later. I need to get to selichot (apologetic prayers in preperation for the new year).
The city update is where all the exciting stuff is. Yay Bet Shemesh. Making international news, woo.