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I'm NOT brooding...

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What am I supposed to say? Why do they want to know about me? It's not like I know them... and if I do, why can't I just talk to them?

Um... hi. I'm Angel, and I'm a vampire with a soul. ::pause:: You know what, no. This sounds like one of those AA meetings. ::Stalks off::

Bigger games
big_damn_heros (no pairing)
_evil_inc_ (no pairing)
hells_revenge (eventually Angel/Wes)
mixed_blessings (no pairing)Dead?
twisting_fate (no pairing)

My One on One Games
false_prophecy (Angel/Wesley S2)
fated_angst (Angel/Buffy S3/S6)
_long_way_to_go (Angel/Spike S5)
pylean_journey (Angel/Wesley post-S2)

Short Cuts
-big_damn_heros Currently active here

_evil_inc_ Currently active here

-hells_revenge Currently active here

-normallystrange Currently active here

-twisting_fate Currently active here

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I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not... ;P From josscars_weekly

You're Angel!

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Hey, I've been claimed!

Hey, I've claimed someone!

Claims made at rpg_claims. Banners made by the excellent october_fay

My other Characters

My other Journals

In case you haven't figured that out, I am not really Angel. Angel and all characters in the Joss-verse belong to Joss Whedon and ME. Not me.